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Frequent, regular cleaning is an essential part of the maintenance of your motorcycle. If regularly cleaned, the appearance will be preserved for many years.

Cleaning with cold water containing an automotive cleaner is essential at all times but particularly so after exposure to sea breezes, sea water, dusty or muddy roads and in winter when roads are treated for ice and snow.

Do not use household detergent, as the use of such products will lead to premature corrosion.

Although, under the terms of your motorcycle warranty, cover is provided against the corrosion of certain items, the owner is expected to observe this reasonable advice which will safeguard against corrosion and enhance the appearance of the motorcycle.

Preparation for Washing

Before washing, precautions must be taken to keep water off the following places.

Rear opening of the exhausts: Cover with a plastic bag secured with rubber bands.

Clutch and brake levers, switch housings on the handlebar: Cover with plastic bags.

Ignition switch and steering lock: Cover the keyhole with tape.

Remove any items of jewellery such as rings, watches, zips or belt buckles, which may scratch or otherwise damage painted or polished surfaces.

Use separate cleaning sponges or cleaning cloths for washing painted/ polished surfaces and chassis areas.

Chassis areas (such as wheels and under mudguards) will be exposed to more abrasive road grime and dust, which may then scratch painted or polished surfaces, if the same sponge or cleaning cloths are used.

Where to be Careful


Do not spray any water at all near the air intake duct. The air intake duct is normally located under the rider's seat, under the fuel tank or near the steering head. Any water sprayed in this area could enter the airbox and engine, causing damage to both items.


Use of high pressure spray washers is not recommended. When using pressure washers, water may be forced into bearings and other components causing premature wear from corrosion and loss of lubrication.

Avoid spraying water with any great force near the following places:



Prepare a mixture of cold water and mild automotive cleaner. Do not use a highly alkaline soap as commonly found at commercial car washes because it leaves a residue.

Wash the motorcycle with a sponge or soft cloth. Do not use abrasive scouring pads or steel wool. They will damage the finish.

Rinse the motorcycle thoroughly with cold water.

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Warning Never wax or lubricate the brake discs. Loss of braking power and an accident could result. Clean the disc with a proprietary brand of oil-free brake disc cleaner.

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