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Ducati Scrambler 800 - Service manual > Cylinder head assembly: checks and adjustments

Engine / Cylinder head assembly: checks and adjustments

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 Ducati Scrambler 800 - Service manual > Lubrication system: oil cooler

Refitting the lubrication system Important The gasket must be positioned with the sharp edge facing the cooler. Start nipples (9) on oil cooler with gasket (10) and tighten them to 23 Nm +- 10%.

 Ducati Scrambler 800 - Service manual > Checking the engine timing

Remove the spark plugs and install tool (A) no. 88765.1297 in the spark plug bore to determine the piston TDC, fit gauges (B) no. 88765.1581 and the timing check tool with degree wheel (C) no. 88713.0123.

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