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General Information / Left Handlebar Switches / Daytime Running Lights (DRL) Switch (if fitted)

When the ignition is switched ON and the daytime running lights switch is set to DRL mode, the daytime running lights warning light will illuminate.

The daytime running lights and low beam headlights are operated manually using the DRL switch. Press the top of the switch for DRL mode, and the bottom of the switch for low beam headlight mode.


Do not ride for longer than necessary in poor ambient light conditions with the Daytime Running Lights (DRL) in use.

Riding with the daytime running lights when dark, in tunnels or where poor ambient light is apparent may reduce the riders vision or dazzle other road users.

Dazzling other road users or reduced vision in low ambient light levels may result in loss of motorcycle control and an accident.


During daylight hours the daytime running lights improve the motorcycles visibility to other road users.

Low beam headlights must be used in any other conditions unless the road conditions allow for high beam headlights to be used.

MODE Button

When the MODE button is pressed and released it will activate the Riding Mode Selection Menu in the display screen.

Further presses of the MODE button will scroll through the available riding modes

Press and hold the MODE button when a riding mode is selected provides direct access to the riding mode's configuration menu.

Direction Indicators Switch

When the indicator switch is pushed to the left or right and released, the corresponding direction indicators will flash on and off. To turn off the indicators, push and release the switch in the central position.

There are three direction indicators options:

To select a direction indicator option, refer to the Bike Setup section

The indicators can be cancelled manually. To manually turn off the indicators, press and release the indicator switch in the central position.

Joystick Button

The Joystick is used to operate the following functions of the instruments:

Horn Button

When the horn button is pushed, with the ignition ON, the horn will sound.

Heated Grips Switch (if fitted)

The heated grips will only heat when the engine is running.

When the heated grips are switched on, the heated grips symbol will appear in the display and the selected heat level will be shown.

There are three levels of heat: low, medium and high. This is indicated by the different colours of the symbols shown in the instrument display.

Heated Grips Switch (if fitted)

  1. Low heat symbol (yellow)
  2. Medium heat symbol (orange)
  3. High heat symbol (red)

For maximum benefit in cold conditions, from the OFF position press the switch once for the high heat setting initially and then reduce the heat level by pressing the switch again for a low heat setting when the grips have warmed up.

To turn off the heated grips, press and release the switch until the heated grips symbol is no longer shown in the display.

Low Power Voltage Cut Off

If a low voltage is detected, the heated grips switch will power off. The heated grips will not function again until the voltage rises to a safe level.

The switch will not power back on automatically even if the voltage rises to the safe level. The user must manually press the switch again to activate the heated grips.

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