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Fuel Grade

Triumph motorcycles are designed to use unleaded fuel and will give optimum performance if the correct grade of fuel is used. Always use unleaded fuel with a minimum octane rating of 91 RON.


In Europe, Triumph motorcycles are compatible with Ethanol E5 and E10 (5% and 10% Ethanol) unleaded fuel.

In all other markets Ethanol up to E25 (25% Ethanol) may be used.

Engine Calibration

In certain circumstances engine calibration may be required. Always refer to your authorised Triumph dealer.


The motorcycle can be permanently damaged if it is allowed to operate with the incorrect grade of fuel or incorrect engine calibration.

Always make sure the fuel used is of the correct grade and quality.

Damage caused by using the incorrect fuel or engine calibration is not considered a manufacturing defect and will not be covered under warranty.


The exhaust system for this motorcycle is fitted with a catalytic converter to help reduce exhaust emission levels.

Use of leaded fuel will damage the catalytic converter. In addition, the catalytic converter can be permanently damaged if the motorcycle is allowed to run out of fuel or if the fuel level is allowed to get very low.

Always make sure you have adequate fuel for your journey.


The use of leaded fuel is illegal in some countries, states or territories.



To help reduce hazards associated with refuelling, always observe the following fuel safety instructions:

Fuel Tank Cap

Fuel Tank Cap

  1. Fuel tank cap

To open the fuel tank cap:

To close and lock the cap:

Filling the Fuel Tank


Overfilling the tank can lead to fuel spillage.

If fuel is spilled, thoroughly clean up the spillage immediately and dispose of the materials used safely.

Take care not to spill any fuel on the engine, exhaust pipes, tyres or any other part of the motorcycle.

Because fuel is highly flammable, any fuel leak or spillage, or any failure to observe the safety advice given above may lead to a fire hazard, which could cause damage to property and injury or death to persons.

Fuel spilled near to, or onto the tyres will reduce the tyres' ability to grip the road. This will result in a dangerous riding condition potentially causing loss of motorcycle control and an accident.


Avoid filling the tank in rainy or dusty conditions where airborne material can contaminate the fuel.

Contaminated fuel may cause damage to fuel system components.

Fill the fuel tank slowly to help prevent spillage. Do not fill the tank to a level above the bottom of the filler neck.

This will make sure there is enough air space to allow for fuel expansion if the fuel inside the tank expands through absorption of heat from the engine or from direct sunlight.

Filling the Fuel Tank

  1. Fuel filler neck
  2. Maximum fuel level

After refuelling always check that the fuel filler cap is correctly closed.

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