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Fantic Caballero 500 - Owner's Manual > Ignition switch

The ignition switch is located at the front of the vehicle near the dashboard.

The functions of the ignition switch are the following:

  1. The handlebar is locked and the vehicle cannot be started and the lights cannot be switched on. The key can be removed.
  2. The vehicle and the lights can not be operated and the key can be removed.
  3. The vehicle can be put into operation but the key can not be removed.
  4. The handlebar is locked and the vehicle can not be started. The position lights of the headlight and tail light are activated. The key can be removed.

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The vehicle is delivered with two keys, one of which is spare. Keep the spare key in a place other than the vehicle.

The lights switch off when the ignition switch is positioned on "B".

The key, besides the ignition switch, activates the tank cap.

When the vehicle is started, the lights turn on automatically.


To insert the steering lock, turn the handlebar completely to the left and turn the key to position "A".

Press and turn the key anticlockwise and slowly turn the handlebar until the key is positioned on "B".

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Press to activate the horn.

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Press the switch to the left or right to indicate the turn.

Press the switch, bringing it to the center position to deactivate the indicators.

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When the light switch is turned counterclockwise it activates the high beam.

To reactivate the low beam light operation, turn the light switch clockwise.

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Pressing it activates the flashing of the high beam.

It is usually used to indicate danger or emergency situations.

When the button is released, the high beam flashing is deactivated.

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With the key inserted and set to "ON", with the engine stop button deactivated, when the button is pressed, the engine will start.

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Pressing it stops the engine.

It has the function of a safety or emergency switch.

Do not intervene on the switch when the vehicle is running, this would cause the engine to stop.

This could result in loss of control of the vehicle, increasing the risk of accidents and damaging things and/or people.

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