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Immobilizer system

  1. Code re-registering key (red bow)
  2. Standard keys (black bow)

This vehicle is equipped with an immobilizer system to help prevent theft by re-registering codes in the standard keys. This system consists of the following:

About the keys

The key with the red bow is used to register codes in each standard key.

Store the code re-registering key in a safe place. When necessary, take the vehicle along with all three keys to a Yamaha dealer to have them re-registered.

Do not use the key with the red bow for driving. It should only be used for reregistering the standard keys. Always use a standard key for driving.



DO NOT LOSE THE CODE RE-REGISTERING KEY! CONTACT YOUR DEALER IMMEDIATELY IF IT IS LOST! If the code re-registering key is lost, the existing standard keys can still be used to start the vehicle.

However, registering a new standard key is impossible. If all keys have been lost or damaged, the entire immobilizer system must be replaced.

Therefore, handle the keys carefully.

Main switch/steering lock

Main switch/steering lock

The main switch/steering lock controls the ignition and lighting systems, and is used to lock the steering. The various positions are described below.


Be sure to use the standard key (black bow) for regular use of the vehicle. To minimize the risk of losing the code reregistering key (red bow), keep it in a safe place and only use it for code reregistering.


All electrical circuits are supplied with power and the vehicle lights are turned on. The engine can be started. The key cannot be removed.



All electrical systems are off. The key can be removed.


Never turn the key to "OFF" or "LOCK" while the vehicle is moving.

Otherwise the electrical systems will be switched off, which may result in loss of control or an accident.


The steering is locked and all electrical systems are off. The key can be removed.

To lock the steering

To lock the steering

  1. Push.
  2. Turn.

1. Turn the handlebars all the way to the left.

2. With the key in the "OFF" position, push the key in and turn it to "LOCK".

3. Remove the key.


If the steering will not lock, try turning the handlebars back to the right slightly.

To unlock the steering

To unlock the steering

  1. Push.
  2. Turn.

From the "LOCK" position, push the key in and turn it to "OFF".


The hazard lights and turn signal lights can be turned on, but all other electrical systems are off. The key can be removed.

The steering must be locked before the key can be turned to " ".


Using the hazard or turn signal lights for an extended length of time may cause the battery to discharge.

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