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Some models are equipped with matte colored finished parts. Be sure to consult a Yamaha dealer for advice on what products to use before cleaning the vehicle. Using a brush, harsh chemical products or cleaning compounds when cleaning these parts will scratch or damage their surface. Wax also should not be applied to any matte colored finished parts.


Frequent, thorough cleaning of the vehicle will not only enhance its appearance but also will improve its general performance and extend the useful life of many components. Washing, cleaning, and polishing will also give you a chance to inspect the condition of the vehicle more frequently. Be sure to wash the vehicle after riding in the rain or near the sea, because salt is corrosive to metals.



Improper cleaning can cause cosmetic and mechanical damage. Do not use:

Before washing

1. Park the vehicle out of direct sunlight and allow it to cool. This will help avoid water spots.

2. Make sure all caps, covers, electrical couplers and connectors are tightly installed.

3. Cover the muffler end with a plastic bag and a strong rubber band.

4. Pre-soak stubborn stains like insects or bird droppings with a wet towel for a few minutes.

5. Remove road grime and oil stains with a quality degreasing agent and a plastic-bristle brush or sponge.

NOTICE: Do not use degreasing agent on areas requiring lubrication such as seals, gaskets, and wheel axles.

Follow product instructions.

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1. Rinse off any degreaser and spray down the vehicle with a garden hose. Use only enough pressure to do the job. Avoid spraying water directly into the muffler, instrument panel, air inlet, or other inner areas such as underseat storage compartments.

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