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General Warnings / Motorcycle care

Fantic Motor recommends using appropriate vehicle care products. Using products that contain alcohol, nitro diluents, cold detergents, fuels or similar can ruin and/or damage vehicle components.

Regular care preserves the aesthetic and functional quality of your vehicle for a long time.


The exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas that can cause death. Therefore, for certainoperations, make sure you are in an open space, or in a suitable and well-ventilated room, never in enclosedspaces. If operating in enclosed spaces, use an evacuation system for the exhaust fumes.



The fuel used is extremely flammable and can become explosive under certain conditions. Refuelling andmaintenance operations must be carried out in a ventilated area and with the vehicle switched off. Do notsmoke during refuelling and near fuel vapours; avoid contact with open flames, sparks and any other sourcethat could cause ignition or explosion.

Do not disperse in the environment and keep away from children.


The engine and certain components become very hot and remain hot for a while even when the engine is off. Before carrying out any operation near the engine or exhaust system, wear insulating gloves or wait for their cooling.

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