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Park the stopped motorcycle on the side stand. To prevent theft, turn the handlebar fully left and turn the ignition key to position (3). If you park in a garage or other indoor area, make sure that there is proper ventilation and that the motorcycle is not near a source of heat. You may leave the parking lights on by turning the key to position (4).

Important Do not leave the key turned to position (4) for long periods or the battery will run down. Never leave the ignition key in the switch when you are leaving your bike unattended.

Attention The exhaust system might be hot, even after engine is switched off; take special care not to touch the exhaust system with any body part and do not park the vehicle next to flammable material (wood, leaves etc.).

Attention Using padlocks or other locks designed to prevent motorcycle motion, such as brake disk locks, rear sprocket locks, etc. is dangerous and may impair motorcycle operation and affect the safety of rider and passenger.

Riding the motorcycle


Never overfill the tank when refueling. Fuel should never be touching the rim of filler (1) recess.

Attention Use fuel with the lowest octane rating 90 (RON +MON)/2

Attention The vehicle is compatible only with fuel having a maximum ethanol content of 10% (E10).

Using fuel with ethanol content over 10% is prohibited. Using it could result in severe damage of the engine and motorcycle components. Using fuel with ethanol content over 10% will render the Warranty null and void.

Riding the motorcycle

Tool kit and accessories

The tool kit (1) is located under the seat.

Tool kit includes:

To access the compartment, remove the seat.

Riding the motorcycle

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 Ducati Scrambler - Owner's Manual > Moving off

Disengage the clutch by squeezing the clutch lever. Push down the gear change lever firmly with the tip of your foot to engage first gear. Raise the engine revs, turn the throttle twistgrip while gradually releasing the clutch lever. The motorcycle will start moving off. Release the clutch lever completely and accelerate. To shift up, close the throttle to slow down the engine, disengage the clutch, lift the gear change lever and let go of the clutch lever.

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