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Petrol is extremely flammable and can be explosive under certain conditions.

If parking inside a garage or other structure, be sure it is well ventilated and the motorcycle is not close to any source of flame or sparks. This includes any appliance with a pilot light.

Failure to follow the above advice may cause a fire resulting in damage to property or personal injury.


The engine and exhaust system will be hot after riding.

DO NOT park where pedestrians and children are likely to touch the motorcycle.

Touching any part of the engine or exhaust system when hot may cause unprotected skin to become burnt.


Do not park on a soft or on a steeply inclined surface.

Parking under these conditions may cause the motorcycle to fall over causing damage to property and personal injury.


To park the motorcycle:

Considerations for High Speed Operation


This Triumph motorcycle should be operated within the legal speed limits for the particular road travelled.

Operating a motorcycle at high speeds can be potentially dangerous since the time available to react to given traffic situations is greatly reduced as road speed increases.

Always reduce speed in potentially hazardous driving conditions such as bad weather or heavy traffic.


Only operate this Triumph motorcycle at high speed in closed-course onroad competition or on closed-course racetracks.

High speed operation should only then be attempted by riders who have been instructed in the techniques necessary for high speed riding and are familiar with the motorcycle's characteristics in all conditions.

High speed operation in any other circumstances is dangerous and will lead to loss of motorcycle control and an accident.


The handling characteristics of a motorcycle at high speed may vary from those you are familiar with at legal road speeds.

Do not attempt high speed operation unless you have received sufficient training and have the required skills as a serious accident may result from incorrect operation.


The items listed below are extremely important and must never be neglected. A problem, which may not be noticed at normal operating speeds, may be greatly exaggerated at high speeds.


Make sure that the motorcycle has been maintained according to the scheduled maintenance chart.


Check that the front and rear brakes are functioning correctly.


Check that the coolant level is at the upper level line in the expansion tank.

Always check the level with the engine cold.

Electrical Equipment

Make sure that all electrical equipment such as the headlight, rear/brake light, direction indicators and horn all work correctly.

Engine Oil

Check that the engine oil level is correct.

Make sure that the correct grade and type of oil is used when topping up.

Drive Chain

Make sure that the drive chain is correctly adjusted and lubricated.

Inspect the chain for wear and damage.


Have sufficient fuel for the increased fuel consumption that will result from high speed operation.


In many countries, the exhaust system for this model is fitted with a catalytic converter to help reduce exhaust emission levels.

The catalytic converter can be permanently damaged if the motorcycle is allowed to run out of fuel or if the fuel level is allowed to get very low.

Always make sure you have adequate fuel for your journey.


Make sure that any luggage containers are closed, locked and securely fitted to the motorcycle.


Visually check that all fixings are tight.


Check that the handlebar turns smoothly without excessive free play or tight spots. Make sure that the control cables do not restrict the steering in any way.


High speed operation is hard on tyres, and tyres that are in good condition are crucial to riding safely. Examine their overall condition, inflate to the correct pressure (when the tyres are cold), and check the wheel balance. Securely fit the valve caps after checking tyre pressures. Observe the information given in the maintenance and specification sections on tyre checking and tyre safety.

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