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Royal Enfield Bullet Trials Works Replica - Owner's Manual > Recommended Lubricants

Technical Specifications / Recommended Lubricants

Engine Oil

Engine Oil

Front Fork Oil

Front Fork Oil

Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid

DO NOT Mix DOT 4 & other brake fluid together.


Use of Wrong grade oil will reduce the life of the moving parts and seriously affect performance.

NOTE Recommendation subject to change without notice.

ISO 14001 Operation Control Process

As per the guidelines in the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, customers are advised to carry out timely replacement of Engine, Front Fork and Brake oils, ONLY through a Royal Enfield Authorised Dealer / Service Center for the safe disposal of the used oils to prevent Environmental pollution.

In case the oils are replaced privately, it is advised to ensure the old/ removed oils are collected carefully and reached to a certified disposal agency, nearest to you to safely disposing the oils.

Similarly, hazardous wastes such as old/discarded Batteries, Tyres, Tubes, Cables, Gaskets, Oil filters etc. should also be disposed off carefully and properly only through a certified disposal agency.

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The information given under the titles : Warning, Caution and Note are for your safety and for the care and safety to your motorcycle and others. Please read these carefully and if disregarded may result in injury to yourself or others and damages to the motorcycle.

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