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Ducati Scrambler 800 - Service manual > Rectifier-regulator

Regulator (1) is located on the front side of the airbox.

Charge system - Battery

The rectifier/regulator consists of an aluminium casing containing the diodes that rectify the current produced by the generator. It also contains an electronic device that regulates the current supplied by the generator in accordance with battery voltage.

If the battery is drained, the current has the value necessary to restore optimum operating conditions of the battery itself.

While, if the battery is fully charged, the current value will be lower.

Note Check the charging current by using the "DDS 2" diagnosis instrument.

Removing the regulator

Disconnect the voltage regulator connector (2) and the generator connector (3).

Loosen the two front screws (4) on regulator (1) and remove regulator.

Charge system - Battery

Charge system - Battery

Refitting the regulator

Position the regulator (1) on the support.

Tighten the screws to the specified torque of 10 Nm +- 10%.

Connect the connectors (2) and (3).

Important Do not disconnect the battery cables when engine is running because this would cause irreparable damage to the regulator.

Regulator fuse

The 30 A fuse, positioned inside electromagnetic switch (5), protects the electronic regulator.

Charge system - Battery

Remove the seat (Removing the seat).

To reach the fuse, disconnect connector (6), remove protection cap (7) and remove fuse (A).

Charge system - Battery

A blown fuse can be identified by breakage of the inner filament (B).

Charge system - Battery

Important Switch the ignition key to OFF before replacing the fuse to avoid possible short-circuits.

Warning Never use a fuse with a rating other than the specified value. Failure to observe this rule may damage the electric system or even cause fire.

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The generator used on the Scrambler has a rated power of 490 W at 14 V and consists of a fixed element (stator/generator, A), located in the generator cover and a mobile element (rotor/flywheel, B) fastened to the crankshaft.

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