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Ducati Scrambler - Owner's Manual > Setting menu

This menu allows enabling, disabling and setting some vehicle functions.

To enter the Setting MENU hold button (3) for 2 seconds, with Key-On and vehicle actual speed ≤ (lower than or equal to) 12 mph (20 km/h): once inside this menu, you may no longer view any other function.

The Setting MENU displays the following functions:

Instrument panel (Dashboard)

For safety reasons, the setting menu can be accessed only when Vehicle speed is below or equal to 12 mph (20 Km/h); if this menu is accessed and vehicle speed is above 12 mph (20 Km/h), the instrument panel will automatically quit and shift back to main screen.

Press buttons (1) and (2) to highlight the customizable parameters one by one: in particular, use button (2) to highlight the following item and button (1) to highlight the previous item.

After highlighting the required parameter, press button (4) to open the corresponding MENU page (M).

If function is not available or temporarily disabled, the MENU page can not be opened.

To exit the Setting MENU, highlight "EXIT" and press CONFIRM MENU button (4).

Instrument panel (Dashboard)

ABS control unit enabling/disabling

This function allows enabling or disabling the ABS system. Enter the Setting MENU.

Select the parameter to be customized (ABS), by pressing button (1) or (2). Once desired parameter is highlighted, press CONFIRM MENU button (4).

When entering the function, the currently set ABS status will be displayed: On = enabled, Off = disabled.

Menu indicates the available alternative option (RQ): RQ OFF when current status is "On", RQ ON when current status is "Off".

To quit the function without changing set status, select EXIT using button (2); when its box is flashing, press button (4).

To select a different status than the one set, press button (1); alternative option (RQ) starts flashing in the Menu.

Press button (4) for 3 seconds to confirm. WAIT is displayed in the Menu for approx. 5 seconds. New status will then become steady on and "EXIT" box will be flashing.

Press button (4) to quit the function.

Instrument panel (Dashboard)

Note By setting "-" (Off), the ABS will be disabled and the relevant warning light will start flashing.

Important When setting the ABS OFF, Ducati recommends paying particular attention to the braking and riding style.

If the ABS is in fault, "Err" is displayed when entering the function and Menu will indicate "NO RQ", since no selection is actually possible. "EXIT" box is flashing.

Press button (4) for 3 seconds to quit the function.

Instrument panel (Dashboard)

Battery voltage

This function allows you to check the vehicle battery voltage. Enter the Setting MENU. Select BATTERY option, by pressing button (1) or (2). Once function is highlighted, press CONFIRM MENU button (4). You open the BATTERY Menu.

The information will be displayed as follows:

Instrument panel (Dashboard)

If the instrument panel is not receiving battery voltage value, a string of three dashes "- - -" is displayed.

To exit the menu and go back to Setting Menu main page, select EXIT and press button (4).

Instrument panel back-lighting setting (B.LIGHT)

This function allows adjusting the backlighting intensity.

To adjust the backlighting gain access to the SETTING MENU, and keys (1) and (2) to select the "B.LIGHT" indication, then press button (4) to confirm.

When accessing the function, the active mode will flash whereas the MENU and EXIT texts will be steady on.

Use buttons (1) and (2) to select the desired brightness level (HIGH, MED, LOW) and press button (4) to confirm.

Select HIGH to set the display backlighting maximum brightness - recommended in conditions of strong ambient light.

Select MED to set the display backlighting medium brightness (70%) - recommended in conditions of medium/low ambient light.

Select LOW to set the display backlighting minimum brightness (50%) - recommended in conditions of low ambient light and/or during the night.

After confirming, the "EXIT" box will start flashing.

To exit the menu and go back to previous page, select "EXIT" and press button (4).

Note In the event of an interruption of the power supply from the Battery, when power is restored, at the next Key-On, the backlighting will always be set by default to maximum brightness.

Instrument panel (Dashboard)

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