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General Information / Keys / Smart Key Operation

To turn the motorcycle on with the keyless ignition:


For security reasons, the smart key should be switched off every time it is removed from the motorcycle.

If the smart key battery is discharged, then use the smart key in the standard key operation method.

Smart Key Operation

  1. System sensor location

Standard Key Operation

To turn the motorcycle on with the standard key (or the smart key if the battery is discharged):

Master Ignition Switch (if fitted)

Master Ignition Switch
Master Ignition Switch

The master ignition switch is only fitted to motorcycles in the United States and Canada. The master ignition switch is located on the left hand side of the motorcycle.

To operate the motorcycle with the keyless ignition, the master ignition switch must be in the ON position.

If the master ignition switch is in the OFF position then the keyless ignition cannot be used and the motorcycle can not be started.

Steering Lock


Always disengage the steering lock before riding.

If the steering lock is engaged, it is not possible to turn the handlebars or steer the motorcycle.

Riding without motorcycle steering control will lead to loss of motorcycle control and an accident.

The steering lock is located on the upper yoke.

It is a two position, key operated lock.

The key can be removed in either the engaged or disengaged positions.

To engage the steering lock:

To disengage the steering lock:

To remove the key:

Right Handlebar Switches

Right Handlebar Switches

  1. Hazard warning lights switch
  2.  Engine start/stop switch
  3. Power ON/OFF position
  4. STOP position
  5. RUN position
  6. QUICK START position
  7. HOME button

Hazard Warning Lights Button

To turn the hazard warning lights on or off, press and release the hazard warning light button.

The ignition must be switched on for the hazard warnings lights to be activated, but the hazard lights will remain active if the ignition is switched off until the hazard warning light button is pressed again.

Power ON/OFF Position

The Power ON/OFF position switches the electrical circuits and the instrument display between on or off.

This allows access to the instrument display without starting the engine.


Do not leave the switch in the Power ON position for a long period of time as this may cause damage to electrical components and will discharge the battery.

STOP Position

The STOP position stops the engine.


Although the engine stop position stops the engine, it does not turn off all the electrical circuits and may cause difficulty in restarting the engine due to a discharged battery.

RUN Position

The engine start/stop switch must be in the RUN position for the motorcycle to operate.


The QUICK START position operates the electric starter allowing for a quicker ignition start.

From the ignition off, press and hold the engine start/stop switch in the QUICK START position with all the correct conditions met, to start the motorcycle.

HOME Button

The HOME button is used to access the main menu on the instrument display.

Press and release the HOME button to select between the main menu and instrument display.

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