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Yamaha XSR700 - Owner's Manual > Starting the engine

Under normal conditions, shift the transmission into neutral before starting the engine. To start the engine with the transmission in gear, the sidestand must be up and the clutch lever pulled.

To start the engine

1. Turn the main switch to "ON", and set the engine stop switch to " ".

2. Confirm the following lights perform a circuit check.



If a warning or indicator light does not work as described above, have a Yamaha dealer check the vehicle.

3. Shift the transmission into neutral.

4. Push the start switch " " to crank the engine with the starter.

Release the start switch when the engine starts, or after 5 seconds.

Wait 10 seconds before pressing the switch again to allow battery voltage to restore.


For maximum engine life, never accelerate hard when the engine is cold!



  1. Gear positions
  2. Shift pedal

Shifting gears lets you control the amount of engine power available for starting off, accelerating, climbing hills, etc.

The gear positions are shown in the illustration.


To shift the transmission into the neutral position ( ), press the shift pedal down repeatedly until it reaches the end of its travel, and then slightly raise it.


To start out and accelerate

1. Pull the clutch lever to disengage the clutch.

2. Shift the transmission into first gear. The neutral indicator light should go out.

3. Open the throttle gradually, and at the same time, release the clutch lever slowly.

4. After starting out, close the throttle, and at the same time, quickly pull the clutch lever in.

5. Shift the transmission into second gear. (Make sure not to shift the transmission into the neutral position.) 6. Open the throttle part way and gradually release the clutch lever.

7. Follow the same procedure when shifting to the next higher gear.

To decelerate

1. Release the throttle and apply both the front and the rear brakes smoothly to slow the motorcycle.

2. As the vehicle decelerates, shift to a lower gear.

3. When the engine is about to stall or runs roughly, pull the clutch lever in, use the brakes to slow the motorcycle, and continue to downshift as necessary.

4. Once the motorcycle has stopped, the transmission can be shifted into the neutral position.

The neutral indicator light should come on and then the clutch lever can be released.


Tips for reducing fuel consumption

Fuel consumption depends largely on your riding style. Consider the following tips to reduce fuel consumption:

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Read the Owner's Manual carefully to become familiar with all controls. If there is a control or function you do not understand, ask your Yamaha dealer. WARNING Failure to familiarize yourself with the controls can lead to loss of control, which could cause an accident or injury.

 Yamaha XSR700 - Owner's Manual > Engine break-in

There is never a more important period in the life of your engine than the period between 0 and 1600 km (1000 mi). For this reason, you should read the following material carefully. Since the engine is brand new, do not put an excessive load on it for the first 1600 km (1000 mi). The various parts in the engine wear and polish themselves to the correct operating clearances.

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