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How to Ride the Motorcycle / Stopping the Engine

Stopping the Engine

  1. Neutral indicator
  2.  Engine stop switch - STOP position
  3. Master ignition switch - OFF position (if fitted)

To stop the engine:


Do not leave the ignition switched on with the engine stopped. This will cause electrical damage.

Starting the Engine


Never start the engine or run the engine in a confined area.

Exhaust fumes are poisonous and can cause loss of consciousness and death within a short period of time.

Always operate your motorcycle in the open air or in an area with adequate ventilation.


The low oil pressure warning light should go out shortly after the engine starts.

If the low oil pressure warning light stays on after starting the engine, stop the engine immediately and investigate the cause.

Running the engine with low oil pressure will cause severe engine damage.

Starting the Engine

  1. Master ignition switch - ON position (if fitted)
  2. Engine stop switch - QUICKSTART position
  3. Neutral indicator

To start the engine:

The motorcycle is equipped with starter lockout switches. The switches prevent the electric starter from operating when the transmission is not in neutral with the side stand down.

If the side stand is extended whilst the engine is running, and the transmission is not in neutral then the engine will stop regardless of the clutch lever position.

Moving Off

To move the motorcycle:

Changing Gears


Take care to avoid opening the throttle too far or too fast in any of the lower gears as this can lead to the front wheel lifting from the ground (pulling a 'wheelie') and to the rear tyre breaking traction (wheel spin).

Always open the throttle cautiously, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the motorcycle, as a 'wheelie' or loss of traction will cause loss of motorcycle control and an accident.


Do not change to a lower gear at speeds that will cause excessive engine rpm (r/min). This can lock the rear wheel causing loss of control and an accident.

Engine damage may also be caused.

Changing down should be done so that low engine speeds will be ensured.

Changing Gears

  1. Gear change pedal (6 speed shown)

To change gear:


The gear change mechanism is the 'positive stop' type. This means that, for each movement of the gear change pedal/lever, you can only select each gear, one after the other, in ascending or descending order.

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