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Safety First / The Motorcycle


This motorcycle is designed for on‑road use only. It is not suitable for off-road use.

Off-road operation could lead to loss of control of the motorcycle resulting in an accident causing injury or loss of life.


This motorcycle is not designed to tow a trailer or be fitted with a sidecar.

Fitting a sidecar and/or a trailer may result in loss of control and an accident.


This motorcycle is designed for use as a two-wheeled vehicle capable of carrying a rider on his/her own, or a rider and one passenger (subject to a passenger seat and footrests being fitted).

The total weight of the rider, and any passenger, accessories and luggage must not exceed the maximum load limit of 210 kg (463 lb).

Fuel and Exhaust Fumes


PETROL IS HIGHLY FLAMMABLE: Always turn off the engine when refuelling.

Do not refuel or open the fuel filler cap while smoking or in the vicinity of any open (naked) flame.

Take care not to spill any petrol on the engine, exhaust pipes or silencers when refuelling.

If petrol is swallowed, inhaled or allowed to get into the eyes, seek immediate medical attention.

Spillage on the skin should be immediately washed off with soap and water and clothing contaminated with petrol should immediately be removed.

Burns and other serious skin conditions may result from contact with petrol.


Never start your engine or let it run for any length of time in a closed area. The exhaust fumes are poisonous and may cause loss of consciousness and death within a short time. Always operate your motorcycle in the open-air or in an area with adequate ventilation.

Helmet and Clothing


When riding the motorcycle, both rider and passenger must always wear a motorcycle helmet, eye protection, gloves, boots, trousers (close fitting around the knee and ankle) and a brightly coloured jacket. Brightly coloured clothing will considerably increase a rider's (or passenger's) visibility to other operators of road vehicles. Although full protection is not possible, wearing correct protective clothing can reduce the risk of injury when riding.


A helmet is one of the most important pieces of riding gear as it offers protection against head injuries. You and your passenger's helmet should be carefully chosen and should fit you or your passenger's head comfortably and securely. A brightly coloured helmet will increase a rider's (or passenger's) visibility to other operators of road vehicles.

An open face helmet offers some protection in an accident though a full face helmet will offer more.

Always wear a visor or approved goggles to help vision and to protect your eyes.



Always turn off the engine and remove the ignition key before leaving the motorcycle unattended. By removing the key, the risk of use of the motorcycle by unauthorised or untrained persons is reduced.

When parking the motorcycle, always remember the following: Engage first gear to help prevent the motorcycle from rolling off the stand.

The engine and exhaust system will be hot after riding. DO NOT park where pedestrians, animals and/or children are likely to touch the motorcycle.

Do not park on soft ground or on a steeply inclined surface. Parking under these conditions may cause the motorcycle to fall over.

For further details, please refer to the 'How to Ride the Motorcycle' section of this Owner's Handbook.

Parts and Accessories


Owners should be aware that the only approved parts, accessories and conversions for any Triumph motorcycle are those which carry official Triumph approval and are fitted to the motorcycle by an authorised dealer.

In particular, it is extremely hazardous to fit or replace parts or accessories whose fitting requires the dismantling of, or addition to, either the electrical or fuel systems and any such modification could cause a safety hazard.

The fitting of any non-approved parts, accessories or conversions may adversely affect the handling, stability or other aspect of the motorcycle operation that may result in an accident causing injury or death.

Triumph does not accept any liability whatsoever for defects caused by the fitting of non-approved parts, accessories or conversions or the fitting of any approved parts, accessories or conversions by non-approved personnel.



Consult your authorised Triumph dealer whenever there is doubt as to the correct or safe operation of this Triumph motorcycle.

Remember that continued operation of an incorrectly performing motorcycle may aggravate a fault and may also compromise safety.


Ensure all equipment that is required by law is installed and functioning correctly. The removal or alteration of the motorcycle's lights, silencers, emission or noise control systems can violate the law. Incorrect or improper modification may adversely affect the handling, stability or other aspect of the motorcycle operation, which may result in an accident causing injury or death.


If the motorcycle is involved in an accident, collision or fall, it must be taken to an authorised Triumph dealer for inspection and repair. Any accident can cause damage to the motorcycle that, if not correctly repaired, may cause a second accident that may result in injury or death.

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Warning Never ride the motorcycle when fatigued or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Riding when under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is illegal.

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