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Yamaha XSR700 - Owner's Manual > Transporting the Motorcycle

Safety information / Transporting the Motorcycle

Be sure to observe following instructions before transporting the motorcycle in another vehicle.


Left view

Left view

  1. Canister
  2. Seat lock
  3. Tool kit
  4. Shift pedal
  5. Engine oil filler cap
  6. Engine oil drain bolt
  7. Engine oil level check window
  8. Engine oil filter cartridge
  9. Coolant reservoir

Right view

Right view

  1. Main fuse
  2. Fuse box
  3. Battery
  4. Shock absorber assembly spring preload adjusting ring
  5. Fuel tank cap
  6. Headlight
  7. Coolant drain bolt
  8. Brake pedal
  9. Rear brake light switch
  10. Rear brake fluid reservoir

Controls and instruments

Controls and instruments

  1. Clutch lever
  2. Left handlebar switches
  3. Multi-function meter unit
  4. Front brake fluid reservoir
  5. Right handlebar switches
  6. Throttle grip
  7. Brake lever

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As the vehicle's owner, you are responsible for the safe and proper operation of your motorcycle. Motorcycles are single-track vehicles. Their safe use and operation are dependent upon the use of proper riding techniques as well as the expertise of the operator. Every operator should know the following requirements before riding this motorcycle.

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