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Warning Indication & Safety Systems



The low fuel indication in the small meter will glow, if the fuel level in the fuel tank is approximately 3.5 litres.

Please ensure the motorcycle is not used with the low fuel indicator lamp "ON" continuously. It may not only result in the motorcycle running out of fuel. BUT will also cause serious damage to the fuel pump. Please refuel as soon as the low fuel indication comes ON.


A Malfunctioning Indicator Lamp (MIL) is provided in the small meter.

When both the Ignition & Engine kill switch is "ON" and after vehicle is started, the MIL will glow for few seconds and switch OFF, this indicates that all the functions of Electronic fuel injection (EFI) system is functioning normally.

In the event of any malfunction in the EFI System the MIL will glow continuously. It is recommended to take the motorcycle to a nearest Royal Enfield Authorized service station for a detailed inspection and correction of the EFI system. 


Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) will help prevent the brakes from locking the wheels, during sudden application of the brakes at high speeds. This will help the rider to have better traction and control over the motorcycle and prevent the motorcycle from skidding which can cause a accident.

In the event of sudden and hard application of the brakes by the rider, the sensors in the braking system will signal the ABS moderator to momentarily and continously reduce the hydraulic pressure and thereby prevent the brakes from locking the wheels while reducing the speed of the vehicle. This will help the rider to control the motorcycle.

An ABS indicator lamp is provided in the console (as shown in adjacent image) to warn the rider in the event of any malfunction of the ABS.

When the ignition and kill switch are switched 'ON', the ABS sign light up and remain 'ON' till the motorcycle attains a speed of 5 Kmph (3MPH) and switch 'OFF'.

This indicates the ABS is working properly. In the event the lamp does not switch 'OFF' and remains continously 'ON' at higher speeds, it is recommended not to drive the motorcycle and get the brake system inspected and corrected through a nearest authorized Royal Enfield Distributor. Failure to do so can result in a serious injuries and loss of life. 


ABS is a safety feature to help prevent locking of wheels during sudden application of brakes. It is by no means a substitute for good riding practices and anticipatory braking.

Please ride carefully and apply brakes cautiously, especially while cornering. ABS cannot estimate the "weight shifts" and momentum of the motorcycle while negotiating a corner and therefore prevent skidding due to loss of traction.

Please anticipate the stopping distance required for the speed of travel and apply brakes well in advance so as to bring the motorcycle to a safe stop.

Please apply both brakes to stop - front brake momentarily earlier, followed by rear brake, to have better traction and control of the motorcycle.

Always ensure that you ride well within the legal speed limits.

Failure to adhere to the above can cause an accident resulting in serious injuries and loss of life.

DO'S & DON'T'S : (ABS)

DO'S & DON'T'S : (ABS)


In the event of motorcycle falling over on eitherof its sides with the engine running and the gears engaged the Roll over sensor will "disable" both the ignition and fuel systems and switch 'OFF' the engine. This is to prevent any damage to the motorcycle and its rider.

To reset the Roll over sensor and reactivate the ignition and fuel systems.

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