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Safety First / Warning Labels

Warning Label Locations

The labels detailed on this and the following pages draw your attention to important safety information in this handbook. Before riding, make sure that all riders have understood and complied with all the information to which these labels relate.

Warning Label Locations

  1. Headlight
  2. Windscreen (if fitted)
  3. Running-In
  4. Panniers (if fitted)
  5. Coolant
  6. Daily Safety Checks
  7. Tyres


All warning labels and decals, with the exception of the Running-in label, are fitted to the motorcycle using a strong adhesive. In some cases, labels are installed prior to an application of paint lacquer. Therefore, any attempt to remove the warning labels will cause damage to the paintwork or bodywork.

Warning Label Locations

  1. Engine Oil
  2. Helmet
  3. Mirrors
  4. Drive Chain
  5. Tyre Pressure Monitoring (if fitted)

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