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Safety / About The Rider's Manual

WARNING Failure to follow all recommended precautions and procedures could result in severe injury or death. Always heed all safety precautions and follow all operation, inspection and maintenance procedures outlined in this manual.

All references to RIGHT, LEFT, FRONT or REAR are from the operator's perspective when seated in a normal riding position. If you have questions about the operation or maintenance of your motorcycle after you've read this manual, please see your authorized dealer. To locate the nearest authorized INDIAN MOTORCYCLE dealer, visit the INDIAN MOTORCYCLE web site at

Carefully read and understand the information found in the Safety section beginning on this page. To keep your motorcycle in peak condition on the road or in storage, understand and follow the procedures outlined in the Maintenance section beginning.

Bring the manual along when you ride. Following the precautions and procedures in the manual will add to your enjoyment and help keep you safe. If you lose or damage this manual, please purchase a new one through any authorized INDIAN MOTORCYCLE dealer.

This rider's manual should be considered part of the motorcycle and should remain with the motorcycle when ownership changes.


WARNING Improper use of this motorcycle can result in serious injury or death. To minimize the risk, read and understand the information contained in this section before operating the motorcycle. This section contains safety information specific to the INDIAN motorcycle, as well as information about general motorcycle safety. Anyone who rides the motorcycle (operators and passengers) must follow these safety precautions.


You can minimize those risks, but you can't eliminate them completely. Even if you're an experienced motorcycle operator or passenger, read all of the safety information in this manual before operating the motorcycle.




When the anti-lock brakes engage during a braking event, the rider will feel pulsing at the brake levers. Continue to apply steady pressure to the brakes for the best stopping performance.

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WARNING Do not carry a passenger unless the motorcycle is equipped with passenger seat and passenger footrests. Do not exceed the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) for your motorcycle. Refer to the Specifications section of this manual or the Manufacturing Information/VIN label on the motorcycle frame for model-specific information. Adjust ride height as needed. See the Rear Shock Preload (Ride Height) Inspection and Rear Shock Preload (Ride Height) Adjustment sections for details. Direct the passenger to hold onto you or to the passenger handholds with both hands and to keep both feet on the passenger footrests. Do not carry a passenger who cannot place both feet firmly on the passenger footrests. A passenger who is not holding on properly, or who cannot reach the passenger footrests, can shift their body erratically, which can make the motorcycle hard to handle and cause loss of control. Before riding, be sure your passenger knows safe riding procedures. Discuss any safety information unfamiliar to your passenger. A passenger who is unaware of safe riding procedures may distract you or make movements that make the motorcycle hard to handle. Adjust your riding style to compensate for the differences in handling, acceleration and braking caused by the additional weight of the passenger. Failure to do so can cause loss of control.

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