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Indian FTR 1200 - Owner's Manual > Carrying a Passenger

Safety / Carrying a Passenger

WARNING Do not carry a passenger unless the motorcycle is equipped with passenger seat and passenger footrests.


Wear protective apparel to decrease the risk of injury and increase riding comfort.


Because INDIAN MOTORCYCLE cannot test and make specific recommendations concerning every accessory or combination of accessories sold, the operator is responsible for determining that the motorcycle can be safely operated with any accessories or additional weight. Use the following guidelines when choosing and installing accessories:


Modifying the motorcycle by removing any equipment or by adding equipment not approved by the manufacturer may void your warranty. Such modifications could make the motorcycle unsafe to ride and could result in severe injury to operator or passenger, as well as damage to the motorcycle. Some modifications may not be legal in your area of operation. If in doubt, contact your authorized INDIAN MOTORCYCLE dealer.


When leaving the motorcycle unattended, turn the engine off. Your motorcycle is equipped with a keyed ignition. Remove the ignition key to prevent unauthorized use.

Park the motorcycle where people are not likely to touch the hot engine or exhaust system or place combustible materials near these hot areas. Do not park near a flammable source such as a kerosene heater or an open flame, where hot components could ignite combustible materials.

Park the motorcycle on a firm, level surface. Sloped or soft surfaces may not support the motorcycle. If you must park on a slope or soft surface, follow the precautions.


Whenever operating with a saddlebag or while carrying cargo:

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WARNING Failure to follow all recommended precautions and procedures could result in severe injury or death. Always heed all safety precautions and follow all operation, inspection and maintenance procedures outlined in this manual.

 Indian FTR 1200 - Owner's Manual > Carrying Cargo

Use the following guidelines when attaching cargo or accessories to the motorcycle. Where applicable, these guidelines also refer to the contents of any accessories. Keep cargo and accessory weight to a minimum, and keep items as close to the motorcycle as possible to minimize a change in the motorcycle's center of gravity. Changing the center of gravity can cause loss of stability and handling and could cause loss of control. Do not exceed the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) for your motorcycle. Distribute weight evenly on both sides of the motorcycle.

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