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Ducati Scrambler - Owner's Manual > Changing the turn indicator bulbs

Main maintenance operations / Changing the turn indicator bulbs

To change the front/rear turn indicator bulbs, loosen the screw (1) and remove the lens (2).

Main maintenance operations

Aligning the headlight

Note The headlight features a double adjustment, one for the right-hand and one for the left-hand light beam.

To check the headlight aim, place the motorcycle upright with the tires inflated to the correct pressure and one person sitting astride the motorcycle. The motorcycle should be perfectly vertical, with its longitudinal axis at right angles to a wall or screen at a distance of 32.8 feet (10 meters). Draw a horizontal line corresponding to the center of the headlamp and a vertical one in line with the longitudinal axis of motorcycle. If possible, perform this check in dim light. Switch on the low beam and adjust the aiming of the left and right-hand beams. The height of the upper limit between the dark area and the lit area must not be more than nine tenths of the height from ground of headlight center.

Note This is the procedure specified by Italian regulations for checking the maximum height of the light beam. Please adapt said procedure to the provisions in force in your own country.

Main maintenance operations

Aligning the headlight

The vertical alignment of the headlight can be manually set by turning screw (1).

Important Headlight beam adjuster screw has no limit stop.

Attention The headlight might fog up if the vehicle is used under the rain or after washing. Switch headlight on for a short time to dry up any condensate.

Main maintenance operations

Adjusting the rear-view mirrors

Manually adjust rear-view mirror (A) to required position.

Main maintenance operations

Tubeless tires

Front tire pressure: 2.50 bar - 36 PSI (rider only) - 2.50 bar - 36 PSI (full load).

Rear tire pressure: 2.50 bar - 36 PSI (rider only) - 2.90 bar - 42 PSI (full load).

Because tire pressure is affected by temperature and altitude variations, you are advised to check and adjust it whenever you are riding in areas where ample variations in temperature or altitude occur.

Important Check and set tire pressure when tires are cold.

When traveling very bumpy roads, increase tire pressure by 0.2Г·0.3 bar to preserve the roundness of the front rim.

Tire repair or change (Tubeless tires)

In the event of a tiny puncture, tubeless tires will take a long time to deflate, as they tend to keep air inside.

If you find the pressure low in one tire, check the tire for punctures.

Attention Punctured tires must be replaced. Replace tires with recommended standard tires only. Be sure to tighten the valve caps securely to avoid leaks when riding. Never use tube type tires. Failure to heed this warning may lead to sudden tire blowout and serious danger to rider and passenger.

After replacing a tire, the wheel must be balanced.

Attention Do not remove or shift the wheel balancing weights.

Note Have the tires replaced at a Ducati Dealer or Authorized Service Center. Correct removal and installation of the wheels is essential. Some parts of the ABS (such as sensors and phonic wheels) are mounted to the wheels and require specific adjustment.

Minimum tread depth

Measure tread depth (S, Fig 123) at the point where tread is most worn down: It should not be less than 0.08 in (2 mm), and in any case not less than the legal limit.

Important Visually inspect the tires at regular intervals for cracks and cuts, especially on sidewalls, bulges or large spots which are indicative of internal damage.

Replace them if badly damaged. Remove any stones or other foreign bodies caught in the tread.

Main maintenance operations

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 Ducati Scrambler - Owner's Manual > Lubricating cables and joints

It is necessary to periodically check the throttle control cable and cold start cable external sheath for wear. Their external plastic sheath should be free of cracking or flattening. Operate the control to make sure cable slides smoothly: have it replaced by a Ducati Dealer or Authorized Service Center if you find friction or hard spots.

 Ducati Scrambler - Owner's Manual > Check engine oil level

Check the engine oil level through the sight glass (1) on the clutch cover. Oil level must be checked with the motorcycle perfectly upright and the engine cold. Oil level should be between the marks on the sight glass. If the level is low, top up with SHELL Advance 4T Ultra engine oil. Remove the oil filler cap (2) and top up until the oil reaches the required level. Refit the plug.

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