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Always wear and fasten the helmet before starting to ride the vehicle. The helmet must be approved, intact and with the visor intact and clean. Wear appropriate protective clothing and no hanging accessories that could create problems when riding the vehicle. Do not wear or carry sharp objects as they are potentially dangerous in the event of a fall.

All these recommendations also apply to the passenger.


Never leave the ignition key on and always use the steering lock. Park the vehicle in a safe place, possibly in a garage or in a monitored place. Check that the documents and the circulation tax are in order.


Choose the parking zone carefully and with attention. It is very important to respect the road signs and the indications given below.

Do not park the vehicle placing it against the walls or laying it on the ground. Make sure that the parking area is solid and level.

Make sure that parts subject to high temperatures (silencer, engine, radiator, brake discs, etc.) are not dangerous for people and the surrounding environment.

Never leave the vehicle on and unattended with the key inserted.


Before transporting the vehicle, the fuel tank must be completely emptied. Avoid accidental fuel leaks and check that the components are completely dry. The vehicle must be firmly secured, with the first gear engaged and in running order.

In the event of failure, do not perform towing or unsafe and risky procedures that may endanger people and/or things. This would result in the risk of causing accidents or damage to the vehicle.


This component, with regard to exhaust gas, has the task of oxidizing carbon monoxide converting it into carbon dioxide, of transforming unburnt hydrocarbons into water vapour and reducing nitrogen oxides converting them into oxygen and nitrogen.

During the vehicle use, the part of the exhaust system corresponding to the catalytic element can take a bright red colour: this colour variation is absolutely normal and indicates a correct operation of the catalyst.

Avoid stopping or parking the vehicle near places where there is dry brushwood.

Avoid places accessible to children and/or people.

The silencer reaches high temperatures, so avoid any kind of contact and pay the maximum attention until it has not completely cooled down.

It is forbidden to modify, alter or tamper with the exhaust system in any way.

Do not use leaded petrol as it will ruin the catalyst.

Check that there are no holes and signs of rust or wear on the exhaust system.

Check that the exhaust system always works correctly.

In case of increased or abnormal noise, contact a Authorized Fantic Motor Center as soon as possible.

For maintenance, repair or replacement work, contact an Authorized Fantic Motor Center.

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