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Fantic Caballero 500 - Owner's Manual > Engine stop

To stop the vehicle and the engine, apply the front and/or rear brake until the vehicle is stopped. Set the shift lever to neutral.

Do not intervene on the engine stop switch when the vehicle is running, this would cause the engine to stop; this can damage the engine and above all may cause loss of control of the vehicle.

Fundamental Safety Rules

Only after these operations, press the engine stop button and turn the key counterclockwise to "OFF".

If you forget the key turned to "ON", the battery charge level will decrease until it is down and will need to be replaced.

When the vehicle is turned off, do not release the clutch too quickly or suddenly. It could cause the engine to stop or an unintended wheelie of the vehicle.

Avoid sudden stops or sudden vehicle slow-downs.

Fundamental Safety Rules

Running-in rules

When using the vehicle the first few times it is essential to carry out a running-in period, for the correct operation and duration of the engine. During this period, it is necessary to follow certain rules in order to prepare the engine and vehicle components for subsequent maximum performance (after running-in).

The best performance will be achieved only after having completed the inspection at the end of the running in.

The following tips are indicative and can help the user to perform a good running-in.

It is important to stress the engine and vehicle components appropriately, but it is necessary not to exceed or fail to do this because in both cases the engine and the vehicle components would be affected. Do not make sudden accelerations and gradually change the speed.

Full acceleration is allowed, but it is necessary not to travel too long and at full speed.

When driving on mountain roads, be careful not to force the engine, brakes and suspension. It is more suitable to travel on roads with moderate curves and hills where engine, brakes and suspensions alternate periods of stress to periods of reduced or no stress.

The brake pads at the purchase are new and the friction surface initially does not make perfect friction on the discs; to be fully operative, it must be run in so that is perfectly adhering to the disc during braking. The running-in requires approximately 200 km (125 mi) of urban route.

In this period, consider longer braking distances and use the brake lever with greater strength.

Abrupt braking and prolonged periods are to be avoided.

During the first 1000 km (600 mi) check the maintenance operations required for this mileage.

At the estimated mileage, perform the checks in the "Scheduled Maintenance Table" at an authorized Fantic Motor Service Center. Check and carry out these operations to avoid damage to the vehicle, to others and to yourself.

Failure to comply with these rules can negatively affect the subsequent performance of the engine and vehicle components in general.

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Release the steering lock turning the key clockwise and get on the vehicle assuming the correct posture, making sure that the kickstand is completely retracted.

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Always wear and fasten the helmet before starting to ride the vehicle. The helmet must be approved, intact and with the visor intact and clean. Wear appropriate protective clothing and no hanging accessories that could create problems when riding the vehicle. Do not wear or carry sharp objects as they are potentially dangerous in the event of a fall.

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