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Cooling System

To ensure efficient engine cooling, check the coolant level each day before riding the motorcycle, and top up the coolant if the level is low.


A year round, Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (known as Hybrid OAT or HOAT) coolant is installed in the cooling system when the motorcycle leaves the factory. It is coloured green, contains a 50% solution of ethylene glycol based antifreeze, and has a freezing point of -35ºC (-31ºF).

Corrosion Inhibitors


HD4X Hybrid OAT coolant contains corrosion inhibitors and antifreeze suitable for aluminium engines and radiators. Always use the coolant in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer.

Coolant that contains anti-freeze and corrosion inhibitors contains toxic chemicals that are harmful to the human body. Never swallow antifreeze or any of the motorcycle coolant.


HD4X Hybrid OAT coolant, as supplied by Triumph, is premixed and does not need to be diluted prior to filling or topping up the cooling system.

To protect the cooling system from corrosion, the use of corrosion inhibitor chemicals in the coolant is essential.

If coolant containing a corrosion inhibitor is not used, the cooling system will accumulate rust and scale in the water jacket and radiator. This will block the coolant passages, and considerably reduce the efficiency of the cooling system.

Coolant Level Inspection


The coolant level should be checked when the engine is cold (at room or ambient temperature).

Coolant Level Inspection

  1. MAX level
  2. MIN level

To inspect the coolant level:

Coolant Level Adjustment


Do not remove the expansion tank or radiator pressure cap when the engine is hot.

When the engine is hot, the coolant inside the radiator will be hot and also under pressure.

Contact with this hot, pressurised coolant will cause scalds and skin damage.


If hard water is used in the cooling system, it will cause scale accumulation in the engine and radiator and considerably reduce the efficiency of the cooling system.

Reduced cooling system efficiency may cause the engine to overheat and suffer severe damage.


If the coolant level is being checked because the coolant has overheated, also check the level in the radiator and top up if necessary.

In an emergency, distilled water can be added to the cooling system. However, the coolant must then be drained and replenished with HD4X Hybrid OAT coolant as soon as possible.

The expansion tank can be accessed from the left hand side of the motorcycle, towards the rear of the engine.

Coolant Level Adjustment

  1. Expansion tank cap
  2. MAX level
  3. MIN level

To adjust the coolant level:

Coolant Change

It is recommended that the coolant is changed by an authorised Triumph dealer in accordance with scheduled maintenance requirements.

Radiator and Hoses


The fan operates automatically when the engine is running. Always keep hands and clothing away from the fan as contact with the rotating fan can cause injury.


Using high pressure water sprays, such as from a car wash facility or household pressure washer, can damage the radiator fins, cause leaks and impair the radiator's efficiency.

Do not obstruct or deflect airflow through the radiator by installing unauthorised accessories, either in front of the radiator or behind the cooling fan. Interference with the radiator airflow can cause overheating, potentially resulting in engine damage.

Check the radiator hoses for cracks or deterioration, and tension clips for tightness in accordance with scheduled maintenance requirements. Have your authorised Triumph dealer replace any defective items.

Check the radiator grille and fins for obstructions by insects, leaves or mud. Clean off any obstructions with a stream of low pressure water.

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