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Maintenance and Adjustment / Engine Oil / Disposal of Used Engine Oil and Oil Filters

To protect the environment, do not pour oil on the ground, down sewers or drains, or into watercourses. Do not place used oil filters in with general waste. If in doubt, contact your local authority.

Engine Oil Specification and Grade

Triumph's high performance fuel injected engines are designed to use 10W/40 or 10W/50 semi or fully synthetic motorcycle engine oil that meets specification API SH (or higher) and JASO MA, such as Castrol Power 1 Racing 4T 10W-40 (fully synthetic) engine oil, sold as Castrol Power RS Racing 4T 10W-40 (fully synthetic) in some countries.

Refer to the chart below for the correct oil viscosity (10W/40 or 10W/50) to be used in your riding area.

Oil Viscosity Temperature Range
Oil Viscosity Temperature Range

Do not add any chemical additives to the engine oil. The engine oil also lubricates the clutch and any additives could cause the clutch to slip.

Do not use mineral, vegetable, nondetergent oil, castor based oils or any oil not conforming to the required specification. The use of these oils may cause instant, severe engine damage.

Make sure that no foreign matter enters the crankcase during an engine oil change or top up.

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Warning Never start the engine or run the engine in a confined area. Exhaust fumes are poisonous and can cause loss of consciousness and death within a short period of time.

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