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General / Dangerous products - warnings

General maintenance instructions

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Ducati recommends you to follow the instructions below in order to prevent problems and obtain the best result:

General advice on repair work

General safety rules

Carbon monoxide

When a maintenance operation must be performed with the engine running, make sure that the working area is well-ventilated. Never run the engine indoors.

Warning Exhaust gases contain carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous gas that can cause unconsciousness or even death if inhaled.

Run the engine outdoors or, if working indoors, use an exhaust gas extraction system.


Always make sure the working area is well ventilated. Keep any sources of ignition, open flames or sparks, well away from working area and fuel storage area.

Warning Fuel is highly flammable and can explode under certain conditions. Keep away from children.

Hot parts

Warning The engine and exhaust parts become hot when the motorcycle engine is running and will stay hot for some time after the engine has been stopped. Wear heat-resistant gloves before handling these components or allow the engine and exhaust system to cool down before proceeding.

Warning The exhaust system might be hot, even after engine is switched OFF; pay particular attention not to touch exhaust system with any body part and do not park the motorcycle next to inflammable material (wood, leaves etc.).

Used engine oil

Warning Prolonged or repeated contact with used engine oil may cause skin cancer. If working with engine oil on a daily basis, we recommend washing your hands thoroughly with soap immediately afterwards. Keep away from children.

Brake dust

Never clean the brake assembly using compressed air or a dry brush.

Brake fluid

Warning Spilling brake fluid onto plastic, rubber or painted parts of the motorcycle may cause damages. Protect these parts with a clean shop cloth before proceeding to service the system. Keep away from children.


Warning The battery gives off explosive gases; never cause sparks or allow naked flames near the battery. When charging the battery, ensure that the working area is properly ventilated.

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Model identification Identification data Each Ducati motorcycle has two identification numbers - the frame number and the engine number - and an EC nameplate (A) not present on the U.S.A. version.

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