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Symbols - Abbreviations - References

To allow quick and easy consultation, this manual uses graphic symbols to highlight situations in which maximum care is required, as well as practical advice or information. Pay attention to the meaning of the symbols since they serve to avoid repeating technical concepts or safety warnings throughout the text. The symbols should therefore be seen as real "reminders". Please refer to this page whenever in doubt as to their meaning.

The terms right-hand and left-hand refer to the motorcycle viewed from the riding position.

Warning Failure to comply with these instructions may put you at risk, and could lead to severe injury or even death.

Important Failure to follow the instructions in text marked with this symbol can lead to serious damage to the motorcycle and its components.

Note This symbol indicates additional useful information for the current operation.

Product specifications

Symbols in the diagram show the type of threadlocker, sealant or lubricant to be used at the points indicated. The table below shows the symbols used and the specifications of the various products.

Product specifications

Product specifications

Product specifications

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General maintenance instructions Useful tips Ducati recommends you to follow the instructions below in order to prevent problems and obtain the best result: when diagnosing faults, primary consideration should always be given to what the customer reports about motorcycle operation since this information can highlight faults; your questions to the customer concerning symptoms of the fault should be aimed at clarifying the problem; diagnose the problem systematically and accurately before proceeding further. This manual provides the theoretical background for troubleshooting; this basis must be combined with personal experience and attendance at periodic training courses held by Ducati; repair work should be planned carefully in advance to prevent any unnecessary downtime, for example obtaining the required spare parts or preparing the necessary tools, etc.; limit the number of operations needed to access the part to be repaired. Note that the disassembly procedures in this manual describe the most efficient way to reach the part to be repaired.

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