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Chassis / Rear brake / Disassembling the rear brake control

The brake master cylinder is supplied only as a complete unit; internal components cannot be replaced.

To disassemble the master cylinder's outer parts, follow the indications given in the exploded view at the beginning of this Section.

If the bush (10) inside the brake pedal (6) needs to be replaced, grease the external surface and fit the new bush using a press to insert it. The bush must be placed at 2 mm from the pedal external face.

To disassemble the various parts of the system, refer to the exploded view at the beginning of this chapter.

Rear brake

After performing an operation on the rear brake control, check the brake pedal position following the instructions detailed in Section "Adjusting the position of the gear pedal and rear brake pedal".

Removing the rear brake control

Warning The brake master cylinder manufacturer advises against servicing the brake master cylinder due to the safety critical nature of this component. Incorrect overhaul can endanger rider and passenger safety.

Maintenance operations on these units are limited to replacement of the following parts: control lever, fluid reservoir assembly and relative fasteners and master cylinder fasteners.

Drain the rear braking system (Changing the rear brake system fluid).

Remove the footpeg holder plate.

Rear brake

Disconnect rear stop switch (1) from main wiring.

Rear brake

Loosen rear brake master cylinder retaining screws (2). Slide out rear brake master cylinder (3) from adjuster rod (4).

Rear brake

Loosen nut (5) securing the RH footpeg (6).

Rear brake

Slide out brake control lever (7) and footpeg (6) of the footpeg holder plate (8).

Collect washer (9).

Rear brake

Separate bracket (6) and lever (7).

Rear brake

Undo special screw (12) from master cylinder (3) and slide out hose (11), collecting seals (12).

Remove rear brake master cylinder (3) from vehicle.

Rear brake

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Position brake disc (2) on wheel (3) and the phonic wheel (4) on the disc. Tighten the screws (1) with pre-applied threadlocker to a torque of 25 Nm +- 5%, in a cross pattern.

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