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Maintenance / Drive Chain Tension - Specifications



Lubricate the drive chain with Indian Motorcycle chain spray lube or an approved chain lube at the interval specified in the Periodic Maintenance Chart. Lubricate more often under severe use, such as dirty or wet conditions.

IMPORTANT Washing the drive chain with a high pressure washer or solvents can cause premature wear and chain failure. Do not use a high pressure washer or gasoline to clean the drive chain. Operating the motorcycle with improper rear drive chain deflection can result in severe damage to the transmission and drive components. Always make sure the chain is adjusted within the stated specifications.

WARNING A rear axle not in alignment can cause drive line noise and damage the drive chain, causing possible chain failure and loss of control of the motorcycle.


1. Remove e-clip 1 and loosen the axle nut 2.

2. Loosen both tension bolt jam nuts 3 on both sides.

3. Adjust the tension bolts 4 evenly on both sides until correct tension is achieved.

IMPORTANT To minimize change in chain tension, use RIGHT SIDE adjuster only to make final adjustments to chain alignment. Be sure to keep axle seated forward against axle adjusters during this procedure.

4. Use the adjuster marks to ensure even axle alignment.

5. Without moving the tension bolts, Tighten jam nuts. Ensure the axle is pushed forward against the adjuster bolts.


Swing arm Jam Nut 12 (16 N*m)

6. Recheck chain tension and adjust accordingly.

7. Install axle nut.


Axle Nut (Rear) 88 (119 N*m)

8. Install e-clip.

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