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Indian FTR 1200 - Owner's Manual > Air Filter Replacement

Maintenance / Air Filter Replacement

NOTICE If the motorcycle is operated in wet or dusty conditions, more frequent servicing is required. The air filter element cannot be cleaned. Replace the filter when necessary.

1. Remove the seat.

2. Remove four fasteners 1 securing air box bezel.


NOTE Do not loosen or reinstall fasteners without compression limiters in place. 3. Remove the center console cover from the alignment bracket.


4. Remove the gas cap and relocate to clean, safe location.

5. Remove the two fasteners securing the air box cover 2.


6. Remove the 2 air box covers.

NOTICE Pull air box cover up and out to remove.

7. Remove three fasteners 3 to remove alignment bracket.

8. Remove seven fasteners 4 securing air filter access cover.


9. Remove the air filter from the airbox.


10. Inspect filter element and replace if dirty, wet, or oil fouled.

11. Install New filter with same orientation as old filter.

12. Install air filter access cover and secure with seven fasteners.


Air Filter Access Cover Fastener: 14 (2 N*m)

13. Install the alignment bracket and secure with fasteners.


Bodywork Alignment Bracket Fastener: 96 in-lbs (11 Nm)

14. Install airbox cover.


Airbox Cover Fastener: 36 (4 N*m)

15. Install gas cap.

16. Install center console cover.

17. Install airbox bezel and secure with fasteners.


Airbox Bezel Fastener: 36 (4 N*m)

18. Reinstall seat.

CAUTION A loose fitting cover or improperly installed filter element may allow debris to enter the engine which may cause premature engine wear.

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