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Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC - Service manual > Engine Management System

System Description

This model is fitted with an electronic engine management system which encompasses control of both ignition and fuel delivery. The engine electronic control module (ECM) draws information from sensors positioned around the engine, cooling and air intake systems and precisely calculates ignition advance and fueling requirements for all engine speeds and loads.

In addition, the system has an on-board diagnostic function. For additional information, see System Diagnostics.

System Sensors

Sensor Locations

Sensor Locations

  1. Gear position sensor
  2. Intake air  temperature sensor
  3. Crankshaft position sensor
  4. Manifold absolute pressure sensor
  5. Coolant temperature sensor

Sensor Locations

  1. Oxygen sensor
  2. Clutch switch
  3. Ambient air pressure sensor
  4. Fall detection switch
  5. Side stand switch


System Actuators

In response to signals received from the sensors, the engine ECM controls and directs messages to a series of electronic and electromechanical actuators. The function and location of the actuators is given below.


In this system, the starter lockout system (clutch switch, neutral switch, side stand switch) all operate through the engine management ECM.

Actuator Locations

Actuator Locations

  1. Evaporative canister purge valve
  2. Throttle body motor
  3. Ignition coils
  4. Cooling fan

Actuator Locations

  1. Fuel injectors
  2.  Fuel pump
  3. Main power relay

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