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The owner receives 2 keys with the vehicle.

These keys contain the "immobilizer system code".

The keys (B) are regular ignition keys and are used to:

Attention Separate the keys and use only one of the two to ride the bike.

Instrument panel (Dashboard)


When the ignition key is turned to OFF, the immobilizer inhibits engine operation.

If the other key does not work out either, contact the Ducati Service network.

Attention Strong impacts could damage the electronic components inside the key. During the procedure always use the same key. Using different keys may prevent the system from acknowledging the code of the inserted key.

Duplicate keys

If you need any duplicate keys, contact the Ducati Service network with all the keys you have left.

The Ducati Service Center will program all the new keys as well as any keys you already have.

You may be asked to provide proof that you are the legitimate owner of the motorcycle.

The codes of any keys not submitted will be wiped off from the memory to make those keys unserviceable in case they have been lost.

Note If the motorcycle owner changes, it is necessary that the new owner is given all keys.

Entering PIN CODE function for overriding purposes

In case of key acknowledgment system or key malfunction, the instrument panel allows the user to enter his/her own PIN CODE to temporarily restore vehicle operation.

If upon key-on an Immobilizer ERROR occurs, the Instrument panel automatically activates in MENU 1 the possibility to enter the four-digit PIN CODE previously memorized with the relevant function in the Setting Menu, PIN page.

Entering the code (A):

  1. Press button (2) or (1), one digit starts flashing indicating "0";
  2. Each time you press the button (2) the displayed number increases by one (+ 1) up to "9" and then starts back from "0";
  3. Each time you press the button (1) the displayed number decreases by one (- 1) up to "1" and then starts back from "0";
  4. To confirm the number, press the button (4);

Repeat the procedures until you confirm all the four digits of the PIN CODE.

Instrument panel (Dashboard)

When you press button (4) to confirm the fourth and last digit:

Important If this procedure is necessary in order to start the vehicle, contact an Authorized Ducati Service Center as soon as possible to fix the problem.

Note The vehicle can be started until a Key-Off is performed. If the problem still persists upon the next starting attempt, repeat the procedure from the beginning in order to start the motorcycle temporarily again.

Instrument panel (Dashboard)

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