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Low / High beam

This function allows you to reduce current consumption from the battery, by managing headlight switching-on and off.

Upon Key-On, low and high beams remain off (OFF).

By starting the engine, the low beam will be automatically activated; from now on, the "standard" operation will become active, i.e. it will be possible to switch from low to high beam by pressing button (3) in position (V) or use the "FLASH" function by pressing button (3) in position (O). If engine is not started upon key-on, it is anyway possible to switch the lights on by pushing the button on the LH high/low beam switch: button (3) in position (V).

Instrument panel (Dashboard)

The low beam lights are turned on the first time it is pressed; from this moment, the same button can be used to switch on (and off) the high beam light: if the engine is not started within 60 seconds, the low beam and high beam that were turned on will turn off.

If the headlight was turned on before starting the engine with the procedure described above, the headlight turns off automatically when starting the vehicle and will turn on again when the engine has been completely started.

Turn indicators

Turn indicator automatic reset is controlled by the instrument panel.

After activating one of the two turn indicators, user can reset them using the button (3, Fig 57) on the left switch.

If the turn indicator is not reset manually, the instrument panel will automatically switch it off after the motorcycle has traveled 0.3 miles (500 m) from when the turn indicator was activated. The counter for the distance traveled for automatic deactivation is only activated at speeds below 50 mph (80 km/h).

If the calculation of the distance for automatic deactivation is activated and then the motorcycle exceeds a speed of 50 mph (80 km/h), the calculation is interrupted and will restart when the speed returns below the indicated threshold.

Hazard function

The "Hazard" function activates all four turn indicators at the same time to warn about an emergency situation. Take button (3) in position (6) for 3 seconds to activate "Hazard" function. It can only be activated when vehicle is on (i.e. when key is turned to "ON", engine condition is irrelevant). When the "Hazard" function is active, all four turn indicators and the warning lights (7) on the instrument panel will flash at the same time. The "Hazard" function can be turned off either when vehicle is on (i.e. key turned to "ON") by taking button (3) in position (6) or by taking button (3) in the central position, or with vehicle off (i.e. key turned to "OFF") by taking button (3) in position (6).

Instrument panel (Dashboard)

Once the "Hazard" function is activated, if vehicle is turned off (i.e. key turned to "OFF"), the function will stay active until manually disabled by the user or it will turn off automatically after 120 minutes (2 hours) in order to save battery charge.

Immobilizer system

For improved anti-theft protection, the motorcycle is equipped with an IMMOBILIZER, an electronic system that inhibits engine operation whenever the ignition switch is turned off.

Housed in the handgrip of each ignition key is an electronic device that modulates an output signal.

When the ignition is turned on this signal is generated by a special antenna incorporated in the switch and changes every time.

The modulated signal represents the "password" (which is changed at each start-up) by which the ECU recognizes the ignition key. The ECU will only allow the engine to start if it recognizes this password.

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This function allows changing the units of measurement of the displayed values. To manually set the units of measurement, you must enter the SETTING MENU. Select UNITS option, by pressing button (1) or (2).

 Ducati Scrambler - Owner's Manual > Keys

The owner receives 2 keys with the vehicle. These keys contain the "immobilizer system code". The keys (B) are regular ignition keys and are used to: start up the engine; open the fuel tank filler plug; open the seat lock.

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