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Aligning the headlight

Position the vehicle with tyres inflated at the indicated pressure ("Front wheel" and "Rear wheel") and a person seating on the seat, perfectly perpendicular to his/her longitudinal axis.

Position the vehicle 10 metres from a wall or a screen.

On the wall or surface, draw a horizontal line at the same height from the ground as the centre of the headlight and a vertical line aligned with the longitudinal axis of the motorcycle.

Note If possible, perform this check in dim light.

Switch on the low beam. The height of the upper limit between the dark area and the lit area must not be more than 9/10 of the height from the ground of the headlight centre.

Note This is the procedure specified by Italian regulations for checking the maximum height of the light beam.

Please adapt said procedure to the provisions in force in your own country.


The vertical alignment of the headlight can be manually set by means of screw (2).

Turn clockwise to raise the beam, counter clockwise to lower it.


Replacing the light bulbs - Headlight

Removing the light assembly

Remove retainer (1) and the headlight regulation screw (2).

Loosen screw (2) on the opposite side.


Remove screws (3) that retain U-bolts (4) of headlight (5).


Remove headlight (5) and disconnect connector (6).


Refitting the light assembly

Connect connector (6) to headlight (5).


Fit headlight (5) by matching seats (A) with the two pins (6) on the headlight support subframe (7).


Fix the U-bolts (4) by tightening screws (3) to a torque of 5 Nm +- 10%.


Screw the headlight regulation screw (2) until reaching the correct orientation.

Then, insert the safety retainer (1).


To remove the bulb, remove the headlight from the frame (Replacing the headlight).

Remove retaining screws (1) of the bulb cover (2).


Remove bulb (3) by releasing spring (4).


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