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Ducati Scrambler 800 - Service manual > Starter motor

Electric features: 12 V / 0.7 kW

Electric starter

The starter motor is highly compact and reliable, therefore rarely raises any operating issue.

In case of faults:

Warning Secure the starter motor to a test bench, making sure not to damage the casing.

Warning Use a fully charged 12 V battery for the test.

Warning Take care not to short-circuit the two cables connected to the battery.

Electric starting system

The electric starting system consists of a solenoid starter (1) and a starter motor.

Electric starter

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The solenoid starter (1) is located under the seat, inside the electrical components compartment. Remove the seat (Removing the seat). Disconnect the battery (Battery).

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Aligning the headlight Position the vehicle with tyres inflated at the indicated pressure ("Front wheel" and "Rear wheel") and a person seating on the seat, perfectly perpendicular to his/her longitudinal axis.

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