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Indian FTR 1200 - Owner's Manual > Operation


The operation section of this manual describes how to ensure maximum performance and longevity through the proper care and operation of your motorcycle.

Important areas covered by the operation section include:

TIP Even if you're an experienced motorcycle operator or passenger, read all of the safety information in this manual before operating the motorcycle.

NOTICE Failure to properly follow the engine break-in procedures outlined in this manual can result in serious damage to the engine. Follow all break-in procedures carefully. Avoid full throttle operation and other conditions that may place an excessive load on the engine during the break-in period.

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 Indian FTR 1200 - Owner's Manual > Mechanical clutch

1. Squeeze the clutch lever 1 toward the handlebar and release it. It should move freely and smoothly, and it should return to the rest position quickly when released. If the lever fails to perform as stated, service the clutch lever before riding.

 Indian FTR 1200 - Owner's Manual > Engine Break-in

The engine break-in period for your motorcycle is the first 500 miles (800 km) of operation. During this break-in period, critical engine parts require special wear-in procedures so they seat and mate properly. Read, understand and follow all break-in procedures to ensure the long-term performance and durability of your engine.

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