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Pre-Ride Inspections / Mechanical clutch

1. Squeeze the clutch lever 1 toward the handlebar and release it. It should move freely and smoothly, and it should return to the rest position quickly when released. If the lever fails to perform as stated, service the clutch lever before riding.

Pre-Ride Inspections

2. Freeplay (gap) is the amount of lever movement from the rest position to the point of cable resistance. Clutch lever freeplay 2 should be 0.5-1.5 mm. Measure the gap between the clutch lever and the lever housing. Adjust clutch lever freeplay if necessary.

NOTE The starter interlock switch is dependent on the clutch lever freeplay being set correctly to ensure activation of the clutch safety switch.


Rotate the throttle control grip. It should rotate smoothly from the rest position to the completely open position. It should return to the rest position quickly when released.


Inspect the front forks for oil leaks or damage, and verify smooth suspension operation. See the Front Fork / Suspension Inspection section for details.


Check the rear shock absorber mounting and inspect for leaks.

See your dealer for service if you discover leaks or malfunction of any kind. See the Rear Shock Preload (Ride Height) sections regarding inspection and adjustments for details.

WARNING Inadequate ground clearance could result in components contacting the ground, causing loss of control and serious injury or death. Always ensure ground clearance is at specification.


NOTICE Drive chain and sprocket service life are maximized and drive line noise minimized by proper cleaning. Cleaning interval is approximately every tire change, or more often if operated in dirty, dusty, or high debris environments.

Clean the chain using a chain brush or clean rag to remove any dirt or grit. The chain must be lubricated using Indian Motorcycle chain lube (2884172).

CAUTION Always have the motorcycle off and the transmission in neutral when performing this procedure.

CAUTION Do not use a de-greaser to clean the chain. De-greaser may damage the chain o-rings and cause premature wear.

1. Inspect front and rear sprocket teeth for wear or damage from foreign material.

Pre-Ride Inspections

2. Closely inspect drive chain condition.

Things to look for:


1. Inspect drive chain for excessive wear or sag, foreign substance (grit), or any other damage.

2. If any damage is found, chain should be replaced.

3. If the drive chain or sprocket is being replaced due to damage, replace chain and both sprockets as a set if drive system has more than 5000 miles (8000 Km) of use.


1. Position the motorcycle on level ground on its side stand.

2. Slowly open the fuel cap.

3. View the fuel level in the tank.

4. Refuel as needed to the bottom of the filler neck. See the Fueling section for fueling instructions. See the Fuel Recommendations section for fuel specifications.


The FTR 1200 is equipped with a side stand safety switch to prevent operation of the motorcycle if the side stand is deployed.

WARNING An improperly retracted side stand could contact the ground and cause a loss of control resulting in serious injury or death. Always retract the side stand fully before operating the motorcycle.

To park the motorcycle, swing the end of the side stand downward and away from the motorcycle until it is fully extended. Always turn the handlebars to the left for maximum stability. Lean the motorcycle to the left until the side stand firmly supports the motorcycle.

CAUTION If the motorcycle weight is not resting on the side stand, it will not lock. In this situation, any movement of the motorcycle could cause the side stand to retract slightly. If the side stand is not in the full forward position when the motorcycle weight is rested on it, the motorcycle could fall over, possibly causing injury and damage to the motorcycle.

To retract the side stand, straddle the motorcycle and bring it to the fully upright position. Swing the end of the side stand upward and toward the motorcycle until it is fully retracted.

WARNING Do not sit on the motorcycle when it is supported on the side stand.


1. Inspect the entire motorcycle chassis and engine for loose, damaged or missing fasteners.

2. Tighten loose fasteners to the proper torque. See the INDIAN MOTORCYCLE Service Manual or an authorized INDIAN MOTORCYCLE dealer or other qualified dealer.

TIP Always replace stripped, damaged or broken fasteners before riding. Use genuine INDIAN MOTORCYCLE fasteners of equal size and strength.

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