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Noise and exhaust emission control system information

Source of Emissions

The combustion process produces carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. Control of hydrocarbons is very important because under certain conditions, they react to form photochemical smog when subjected to sunlight.

Carbon monoxide does not react in the same way, but is toxic. Ducati utilizes lean carburetor settings and other systems to reduce carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

Exhaust Emission Control System

Exhaust Emission Control System is controlled by an Electronic Control Unit (ECU), and no adjustments should be made except idle speed adjustments with the throttle stop screw. The Exhaust Emission Control System is separate from the crankcase emission control system.

Crankcase Emission Control System The engine is equipped with a closed crankcase system to prevent discharging crankcase emissions into the atmosphere. Blow-by gas is returned to the combustion chamber through the air cleaner and the throttle body.

Evaporative Emission Control System

The motorcycles are equipped with an evaporative emission control system which consists of a charcoal canister and associated piping. This system prevents the escape of fuel vapors from the engine and fuel tank.

Problems that may affect motorcycle emissions

If you are aware of any of the following symptoms, have the vehicle inspected and repaired by your local Ducati dealer.


Hard starting or stalling after starting.

Rough idle.

Misfiring or backfiring during acceleration.

After-burning (backfiring).

Poor performance (drivability) and poor economy.

California emission control warranty statement

Your warranty rights and obligations

The California Air Resources Board is pleased to explain the emission control system warranty on your MY 2016 motorcycle. In California, new motor vehicles must be designated, built and equipped to meet the State's stringent anti-smog standards.

Ducati North America, Inc. must warrant the emission control system on your motorcycle for the periods of time listed below provided there has been no abuse, neglect or improper maintenance of your motorcycle.

Your emission control system may include parts such as fuel-injection system, the ignition system, catalytic converter, and engine computer. Also included may be hoses, belts, connectors and other emissionrelated assemblies. Where a warrantable condition exists, Ducati North America, Inc. will repair your motorcycle at no cost to you including diagnosis, parts and labor.

Manufacturer's warranty coverage

Manufacturer's warranty coverage

Owner's warranty responsibilities

If you have any questions regarding your warranty rights and responsibilities, you should contact Ducati North America, Inc. at 001.408.253.0499 or the California Air Resource Board at 9528 Telstar Avenue, El Monte, CA 91731.

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Note These numbers identify the motorcycle model and should always be indicated when ordering spare parts. We recommend that you note the frame number (Fig 1) of your motorcycle in the space below.

 Ducati Scrambler - Owner's Manual > California evaporation emission system

This system consists of: Warn air inlet; Canister; Dell'Orto jet; Fuel tank; Breather pipe; Intake manifolds.

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