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Main components and devices / Position on the vehicle
  1. Tank filler plug.
  2. Seat lock.
  3. Side stand.
  4. Rear-view mirrors.
  5. Rear shock absorber adjusters.
  6. Catalytic converter.
  7. Exhaust silencer.

Main components and devices

Fuel tank plug


Insert the key into the lock.

Turn the key clockwise 1/4 turn to unlock.

Loosen plug (1).


Screw the cap (1) with the key inserted and press it into its seat.

Turn the key counter clockwise to the original position and remove it.

Note The plug can only be closed with the key in.

Attention Always make sure you have properly refitted and closed the plug after refueling.

Main components and devices

Main components and devices

Seat lock


Insert the key (1) in the lock, turn clockwise while pressing down at the latch to help release the pin.

Remove the seat (2) pulling it backwards until sliding it out of the front retainers.


Make sure that all elements are correctly positioned and fastened to the compartment under the seat.

Slide the front end (A) of the seat bottom underneath the retainer (B) of the frame support.

Press on seat (2) rear end until locking latch snaps.

Make sure the seat is safely secured to the frame and remove the key (1) from the lock.

Main components and devices

Main components and devices

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Important Use the side stand to support the motorcycle only during short stops. Before lowering the side stand, make sure that the supporting surface is hard and flat. Do not park on soft or pebbled ground or on asphalt melted by the sun, etc. or else the motorcycle may fall over. When parking downhill, always position the motorcycle with the rear wheel facing downhill.

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