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Important Use the side stand to support the motorcycle only during short stops. Before lowering the side stand, make sure that the supporting surface is hard and flat.

Do not park on soft or pebbled ground or on asphalt melted by the sun, etc. or else the motorcycle may fall over. When parking downhill, always position the motorcycle with the rear wheel facing downhill.

To pull down the side stand, hold the motorcycle handlebars with both hands and push down on the side stand (1) with your foot until it is fully extended.

Tilt the motorcycle until the side stand is resting on the ground.

To move the side stand to its "resting" position (horizontal position), lean the motorcycle to the right while lifting the thrust arm (1) with your foot.

Attention Do not sit on the motorcycle when it is supported on the side stand.

Note Check for proper operation of the stand mechanism (two springs, one into the other) and the safety sensor (2) at regular intervals.

Main components and devices

USB connection

The motorcycle is provided with a 5 V USB connection. It is possible to connect electric loads up to 1 A to the USB connection.

The USB connection (1) is located under the seat and is protected by a cover: to use the connection, lift the cover.

Important With engine off and Key turned to ON, do not leave accessories connected to the USB connection for a long time as this may discharge the motorcycle battery.

Attention The USB connection, without its protection cover, has not been designed waterproof. For this reason, we recommend not to connect devices to the USB connection when it is raining.

Main components and devices

Adjusting the rear shock absorber

The rear shock absorber has commands that enable you to adjust the setting to suit the load on the motorcycle. Ring nut (A), located in the shock absorber upper side, adjusts the external spring preload.

To change spring preload, turn the ring nut (A) using the supplied pin wrench, and align ring nut cam with the reference notch (B). Ring nut has five cams (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) which correspond to the available preload settings: turn counter clockwise (C) to INCREASE preload, or turn clockwise (D) to DECREASE preload.

Standard setting is the one for which reference notch (B) on shock absorber is aligned with ring nut third cam: position indicated in the figure.

Main components and devices

Attention To turn the preload adjuster ring nut use the wrench supplied with the tool kit. Pay attention to avoid hand injuries by hitting motorcycle parts in case the wrench tooth suddenly slips on the ring nut groove while moving it.

Attention The shock absorber is filled with gas under pressure and may cause severe damage if taken apart by someone who is unskilled.

If you intend to transport a passenger and baggage, preload the shock absorber spring to the maximum to improve the dynamic performance of the motorcycle and to avoid possible interference with ground.

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