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Chassis / Rear shock absorber assembly

Refitting the rear suspension

Ensure that bushings (5) and (6) and spacer (7) are fitted on the frame.

Rear shock absorber assembly

Insert the shock absorber upper part in the frame and insert screw (3).

Tighten nut (2) on screw (3) to a torque of 42 Nm +- 5%.

Rear shock absorber assembly

Apply specified grease to the thread and underhead of the lower screw (4), insert the shock absorber lower part in the swinging arm and tighten screw (4) to a torque of 42 Nm +- 5%.

Rear shock absorber assembly

Overhauling the rear shock absorber

This shock absorber can not be overhauled.

Removing the rear shock absorber

Support the rear side of the vehicle in a suitable way.

To remove the rear shock absorber (1) from the vehicle, loosen nut (2) of the upper retaining screw (3).

Loosen the lower screw (4).

Remove the two screws (3) and (4).

Rear shock absorber assembly

Rear shock absorber assembly

Rear suspension system

The rear suspension system uses a hydraulic monoshock absorber with spring preload that can be adjusted through ring nut (1).

Shock absorber pivots onto a swinging arm at the bottom and frame at the top. The whole system gives the motorcycle excellent stability.

Rear shock absorber assembly

The only possible adjustment on the rear shock absorber is spring preload. Turn adjuster (1) using the suitable wrench to set. Turn adjuster clockwise to decrease spring preload, turn counter clockwise to increase preload.

Rear shock absorber assembly

Swinging arm

Refitting the rear swinging arm

Use grease to lubricate the bearings on the crankcase.

Swinging arm

Position the shims as described in chapter "Overhauling the rear swinging arm".

Install circlip (7) onto shaft (4).

Swinging arm

Bring the swinging arm seat close to the seat on the crankcase.

Insert pin (4) fully home.

Swinging arm

Lubricate with specified product the swingarm shaft in the indicated product.

Swinging arm

Fit circlip (3) in wheel shaft (4).

Swinging arm

Insert screw (5) applying the specified product, and tighten it to a torque of 18 Nm +- 5%.

Swinging arm

Lock shaft using circlip (8).

Swinging arm

Refit chain guard (1) by tightening the two screws (2) to a torque of 5 Nm +- 10%.

Swinging arm

Refit the exhaust silencer (Refitting the silencer).

Refit the rear calliper (Refitting the rear brake calliper).

Refit the rear shock absorber (Refitting the rear shock absorber).

Refit the rear wheel (Refitting the rear wheel).

Refit the footpeg holder plate (Refitting the footpeg support).

Overhauling the rear swinging arm

Select the shim (6) size upon swinging arm refitting.

To check the end float, proceed as follows:

Swinging arm

The maximum side play allowed is 0.10 mm.

If the gauge size is 0.18mm and it fits with difficulties, do not fit any shim. If this is not the case, the available shim sizes are 0.20 mm and 0.10 with which it is possible to restore the specified play.


Swinging arm

Swinging arm

Important The shims with greater size have to be fitted on the swinging arm right-hand side.

The thinner shim must always be in contact with the swinging arm.

Do NOT fit shims with size equal to 0.1 on the left side.

The maximum value of the set of shims on the left must be 2mm (1.8+ 0.2max.) The maximum swinging arm rear end play is within 1 mm.

Inspecting the swinging arm shaft

Before refitting the swinging arm shaft (4), check it carefully for distortion.

Turn the shaft on a reference surface and measure distortion using a feeler gauge.

Swinging arm

Removing the swinging arm

Remove the exhaust silencer.

Remove the rear wheel (Removing the rear wheel).

Remove the rear calliper (Removing the rear brake calliper).

Remove the shock absorber (Removing the rear shock absorber).

Remove the footpeg holder plates (Removing the front footpeg support).

Remove the chain.

Remove the chain guard (1) loosening the two screws (2).

Swinging arm

Remove retaining circlip (3) of the swingarm shaft (4).

Swinging arm

Loosen screw (5) and remove it from the swinging arm.

Swinging arm

Slide out swingarm shaft (4) from the vehicle LH side.

Remove the swinging arm.

Swinging arm

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