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Chassis / Rear wheel

Overhauling the rear wheel

To overhaul the rear rim, proceed as described for the front one in "Overhauling the front rim."

Refitting the rear wheel

Use specified grease to lubricate the pin ends (4) of the rear sprocket flange.

Rear wheel

Place rear sprocket flange (5) with spacer (6) inside vibration damping pads (7).

Rear wheel

Fit spacer (3) in the relevant seat.

Insert the retaining pin (2) after having lubricated it with specified grease.

Reposition the chain on the rear sprocket.

Rear wheel

Rear wheel

Before tightening nut (1) keep the chain tensioned (Adjusting the chain tension).

Tighten nut (1) to a torque of 145 Nm +- 5%.

Rear wheel

Refit the number plate holder (Refitting the number plate holder).

Overhauling the rear wheel

Overhauling the wheel rim

Inspect the wheel rim as follows.

Visually inspect the rim for cracks, scoring and deformation: change the rim if damaged.

Using a dial gauge, duly supported, measure rim runout and out-of-round relative to the shaft axle.

If the values measured are not within the tolerance limits, replace the wheel.

Rear wheel

Removing the rear wheel

Remove the number plate holder (Removing the number plate holder).

Properly support the motorcycle with the service stand and engage the first gear.

Loosen and remove retaining nut (1) of the rear wheel shaft.

Rear wheel

Remove pin (2) while supporting the wheel.

Rear wheel

Rear wheel

Remove the chain and the rear wheel and collect the spacer (3).

Properly support the vehicle while removing the wheel.

Rear wheel

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