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Ducati Scrambler 800 - Service manual > Refitting the generator cover

Engine / Flywheel - generator / Refitting the generator cover

Remove any scale and grease from the mating surfaces of the left-hand crankcase half and the generator cover.

Fit the two centring bushes (26).

Flywheel - generator

Spread a continuous uniform bead of DUCATI sealing compound on the cover mating surface, and around the holes of the screws and bushes.

Tap the cover at different positions with a rubber mallet to facilitate its location on the shafts and centring bushes.

Flywheel - generator

Insert the fixing screws in their holes following the indications given in the table.

Crankcase: connecting rod assembly

Crankcase: connecting rod assembly

Fit spacer and hose grommet (7) under screw (5) near the starter motor.

Tighten the screws in the indicated sequence.

Tighten to a torque of 13.5 Nm (Min. 12.5 Nm - Max. 14.5 Nm).

Flywheel - generator

Use tool (B) part no. 88713.3394 on the gearbox driving shaft.

Flywheel - generator

Lubricate oil seal (27) with the recommended product.

Fit oil seal (27) on the tool orienting it with the spring facing the inner side.

Flywheel - generator

Fit the oil seal fully home with tool (C) no. 88713.3394.

Remove tools (B) and (C).

Flywheel - generator

Make sure that the O-ring (28) is installed on the cover (2).

Apply grease to the screws (1).

Tighten the two fixing screws (1) of the cover (2) matching the crankshaft to a torque of 5 Nm (Min. 4.5 Nm - Max. 5.5 Nm).

Flywheel - generator

Flywheel - generator

Refit the gear shift (Refitting the gearbox unit).

Fill the engine with oil (Changing the engine oil and filter cartridge).

Reassembling the generator cover

Install stator (10) on the generator cover, with the cable outlet facing the cover and pointing the cover recess.

Apply threadlocker on stator retaining screws (9) and tighten them to 10 Nm (Min. 9 Nm - Max. 11 Nm).

Install plate (11) above the cable.

Before the installation, make sure that bearing (12) on crankshaft end is installed with the relevant stop ring (13) on the generator cover (8).

Flywheel - generator

Flywheel - generator

Disassembling the generator cover

Loosen the three screws (9) retaining the stator.

Remove the stator (10) and the cable guide bracket (11).

Flywheel - generator

The generator cover is fitted with a bearing (12), held in place by the circlip (13), which is located on the end of the crankshaft.

Remove the circlip (13) with suitable pliers.

Remove the bearing (12) using a universal puller.

Flywheel - generator

Removing the generator cover

Drain the engine oil (Changing the engine oil and filter cartridge).

Remove the gear shift (Removing the gear shift).

Remove the front sprocket cover (Removing the front sprocket cover).

Undo the two retaining screws (1) of the centre cap (2) over the end of the crankshaft.

Flywheel - generator

Loosen the fastening screws (3), (4), (5) and (6) on the generator cover.

Collect hose grommet (7).

Flywheel - generator

Flywheel - generator

Use tool (A) no. 88713.1749 to the holes of the just-removed screws (1) and remove the cover.

Flywheel - generator

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If previously disassembled, reassemble the flywheel following the indications described below. Fit starter clutch (27) on flywheel (23). Bring the starter clutch edge (B) fully home on the flywheel.

 Ducati Scrambler 800 - Service manual > Crankcase: external components

Refitting the starter motor Start retaining screws (2) with specified threadlocker. Tighten the screws (3) to a torque of 10 Nm (min. 9 Nm. - max. 11 Nm).

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