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Ducati Scrambler 800 - Service manual > Removing the cylinder/piston assembly

Engine / Cylinder/piston assembly / Removing the cylinder/piston assembly

Remove the engine from the frame (Removing the engine).

Remove the heads (Removing the engine heads) Slide out of the cylinder surface the pin (1), bushings (2) and head gasket (3).

Cylinder/piston assembly

Use tool (A) no. 88700.5644 to bring the piston (4) of the horizontal cylinder (5) near the TDC.

Carefully lift the cylinder (4) off the crankcase, keeping it vertical.

Cylinder/piston assembly

Cylinder/piston assembly

If necessary, rock the cylinder slightly using both hands or tap its base gently with a rubber mallet.

Continue to lift the cylinder until you can access the gudgeon pin (6).

Cylinder/piston assembly

Since insertion of piston in the cylinder is a difficult operation to perform at the time of reassembly, remove the cylinder together with the piston as described below.

Block the crankcase opening with a rag or soft paper to prevent foreign material from falling inside.

Remove the snap ring (7) from the gudgeon pin (6) on the clutch side.

Cylinder/piston assembly

Working from the opposite side, drive out the gudgeon pin (6) sufficiently to release the connecting rod of the crankshaft.

Lift the cylinder-piston assembly clear of the engine block stud bolts.

Cylinder/piston assembly

If work is to be carried out on the piston, carefully withdraw it from the cylinder.

Cylinder/piston assembly

To remove the vertical cylinder-piston assembly follow the procedure performed on the horizontal cylinder.

Remove gaskets (8) between cylinder and casing.

Important Mark the pistons to show from which cylinder they were removed: V= Vertical - O= Horizontal.

Cylinder/piston assembly

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If new parts are used, it is necessary to match cylinders and pistons of the same selection. The letter that indicates the cylinder selection is punched on its upper side, in the cylinder-head coupling surface; the letter that indicates the piston selection is punched on its crown, between the two valve recesses.

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