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Introduction / Safety "Best Practices"

Before, during and after use, remember to follow some simple rules that are extremely important for safety and for maintaining the motorcycle at top efficiency.

Important During the break-in period, carefully observe the instructions contained in section "Riding the motorcycle" of this Manual.

Failure to follow these instructions releases Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. from any liability whatsoever for any engine damage or shorter engine life.

Attention Do not ride the motorcycle unless you are well familiarized with the controls to be used during the ride.

Before starting the motorcycle, always perform the checks detailed in this manual.

Attention Failure to perform checks may cause damage to the vehicle and serious injury to the rider and/or passenger.

Attention Start the engine when outdoors or in a well ventilated place. Never start the engine in a closed environment.

Exhaust gases are poisonous and may lead to loss of consciousness or even death within a short time.

During the ride, assume a correct body position and make sure the passenger does the same.

Important The rider should ALWAYS keep both hands on the handlebar.

Important Both rider and passenger should keep their feet on the footpegs when the motorcycle is in motion.

Important The passenger should always hold on to the grab handles under the seat with both hands.

Important Be very careful when maneuvering intersections or when riding in areas near exits from private grounds, parking lots or access roads to highways.

Important Be sure you are clearly visible and do not ride in the blind spot of the vehicles ahead.

Important ALWAYS signal your intention to turn or pull over to the next lane with due warning using the turn indicators.

Important Park your motorcycle where no one is likely to hit it, and use the side stand. Never park on uneven or soft ground or your motorcycle may fall over.

Important Visually inspect the tires at regular intervals for cracks and cuts, especially on sidewalls, bulges or large spots which are indicative of internal damage.

Replace them if badly damaged.

Remove any stones or other foreign bodies caught in the tread.

Attention The engine, exhaust pipes and mufflers stay hot for a long time after the engine has been turned off.

Be especially careful not to touch the exhaust system with any part of the body and never park the motorcycle near flammable materials (wood, leaves, etc.).

Attention When you leave the motorcycle unattended, always remove the ignition key and make sure it is inaccessible to anyone unsuitable to ride the motorcycle.


Refuel the motorcycle in an open area and with the engine switched off.

Do not smoke or ever use flames during refueling.

Be careful never to drop fuel on the engine or exhaust pipe.

When refueling, do not fill the tank completely: fuel should never be touching the rim of filler recess.

When refueling, avoid inhaling fuel vapors and take care that they do not come in contact with eyes, skin or clothing.

Attention The vehicle is compatible only with fuel having a maximum ethanol content of 10% (E10).

Using fuel with ethanol content over 10% is prohibited. Using it could result in severe damage of the engine and motorcycle components. Using fuel with ethanol content over 10% will render the Warranty null and void.

Attention In case of malaise caused by prolonged inhalation of fuel vapors, stay outdoors and consult a physician. In case of contact with eyes, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. In case of contact with skin, wash the area immediately with soap and water.

Attention Fuel is highly flammable. If it accidentally spills onto clothes, change them.

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