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Introduction / Carrying the maximum load allowed

Your motorcycle is designed for long-distance riding with the maximum load allowed carried in full safety.

Even weight distribution is critical to preserving these safety features and avoiding difficulties when performing sudden maneuvers or riding on bumpy roads.

Attention The maximum allowed speed with side panniers and top-case does not have to exceed 81 mph (130 Km/h) and it must be anyway within the limits set by the law.

Attention Do not exceed the total permitted weight for the motorcycle and pay attention to the information below regarding load capacity.

Information about carrying capacity

Important Arrange your luggage or heavy accessories in the lowest possible position and close to motorcycle center.

Important Never fix bulky or heavy objects to the steering head or front mudguard, as this would affect stability and be dangerous.

Important Be sure to secure the luggage to the supports provided on the motorcycle as firmly as possible.

Improperly secured luggage may affect stability.

Important Do not insert any objects you may need to carry into the gaps of the frame, as these may interfere with moving parts.

Attention Make sure tires are inflated to the correct pressure and that they are in good condition.

Dangerous products - warnings

Used engine oil

Attention Prolonged or repeated contact with used engine oil may cause skin cancer. If exposed to used engine oil on a daily basis, make it a rule to wash your hands thoroughly with soap immediately after use. Keep away from children.

Brake lining debris

Never attempt to clean the brake assembly using compressed air or a dry brush.

Brake fluid

Attention Avoid spilling brake fluid onto plastic, rubber or painted parts of the motorcycle to avoid the risk of damage. Protect these parts with a clean shop rag before servicing the motorcycle. Keep away from children.

Attention The brake fluid used in the brake system is corrosive. In the event of accidental contact with eyes or skin, wash the affected area with generous quantities of running water.


Engine coolant contains ethylene glycol, which may ignite under particular conditions, producing invisible flames. Although the flames from burning ethylene glycol are not visible, they are still capable of causing severe burns.


Take care not to spill engine coolant on the exhaust system or engine parts.

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 Ducati Scrambler - Owner's Manual > Safety "Best Practices"

Before, during and after use, remember to follow some simple rules that are extremely important for safety and for maintaining the motorcycle at top efficiency. Important During the break-in period, carefully observe the instructions contained in section "Riding the motorcycle" of this Manual.

 Ducati Scrambler - Owner's Manual > Vehicle identification number

Note These numbers identify the motorcycle model and should always be indicated when ordering spare parts. We recommend that you note the frame number (Fig 1) of your motorcycle in the space below.

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