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Yamaha XSR700 - Owner's Manual > Sidestand

The sidestand is located on the left side of the frame. Raise the sidestand or lower it with your foot while holding the vehicle upright.


The built-in sidestand switch is part of the ignition circuit cut-off system, which cuts the ignition in certain situations.

(See the following section for an explanation of the ignition circuit cutoff system.)


The vehicle must not be ridden with the sidestand down, or if the sidestand cannot be properly moved up (or does not stay up), otherwise the sidestand could contact the ground and distract the operator, resulting in a possible loss of control.

Yamaha's ignition circuit cut-off system has been designed to assist the operator in fulfilling the responsibility of raising the sidestand before starting off. Therefore, check this system regularly and have a Yamaha dealer repair it if it does not function properly.

Ignition circuit cut-off system

This system prevents in-gear engine starts unless the clutch lever is pulled and the sidestand is up. Also, it will stop the running engine should the sidestand be lowered while the transmission is in gear.

Periodically check the system via the following procedure.


This check is most reliable if performed with a warmed-up engine.

For your safety - pre-operation checks

Inspect your vehicle each time you use it to make sure the vehicle is in safe operating condition. Always follow the inspection and maintenance procedures and schedules described in the Owner's Manual.


Failure to inspect or maintain the vehicle properly increases the possibility of an accident or equipment damage.

Do not operate the vehicle if you find any problem. If a problem cannot be corrected by the procedures provided in this manual, have the vehicle inspected by a Yamaha dealer.

Before using this vehicle, check the following points:

For your safety - pre-operation checks

For your safety - pre-operation checks

For your safety - pre-operation checks

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Read the Owner's Manual carefully to become familiar with all controls. If there is a control or function you do not understand, ask your Yamaha dealer. WARNING Failure to familiarize yourself with the controls can lead to loss of control, which could cause an accident or injury.

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