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General Information / Instruments / Speedometer and Odometer

The speedometer indicates the road speed of the motorcycle.

The odometer shows the total distance that the motorcycle has travelled.



Never allow engine speed to enter the red zone as severe engine damage may result.

The tachometer shows the engine speed in revolutions per minute - rpm (r/min). At the end of the tachometer range there is the red zone.

Engine speeds in the red zone are above maximum recommended engine speed and are also above the range for best performance.

Fuel Gauge

The fuel gauge indicates the amount of fuel in the tank.

Fuel Gauge

  1. Fuel gauge
  2. Low fuel warning light
  3. Low fuel information tray


The fuel gauge is shown in the left hand panel when the Chronos theme is selected.

The range to empty and instantaneous fuel consumption is shown in the right hand panel when the Fuel menu is selected.

With the ignition switched on, a filled line in the fuel gauge indicates the fuel remaining in the fuel tank.

The gauge markings indicate intermediate fuel levels between an empty and full fuel tank.

The low fuel warning light will illuminate when approximately 3.5 litres of fuel is remaining in the tank and you should refuel at the earliest opportunity.

A low fuel warning message will appear in the information tray. Press the joystick centre to acknowledge and hide the low fuel warning.

After refuelling, the fuel gauge and range to empty information will be updated only while riding the motorcycle. Depending on the riding style, updating could take up to five minutes.

Gear Position Display

The gear position display indicates which gear (one to six) has been engaged. When the transmission is in neutral (no gear selected), the display will show N.

Gear Position Display

  1. Gear position display (neutral position shown)

Gear Position Display

  1. Gear position display (third gear shown)

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